Friday, September 7, 2012

Reality Check On Israel


Reality Check On Israel

Back in the day I was involved with individuals/organisations whose activities involved wearing funny uniforms & meeting in basements. I left the "movement" long ago for various reasons, not the least of which was the bad cosplay.

As a fundamentalist Christian (And not a very good one.), I atypically reject the teachings/rantings of the Hagees, LaHayes, Lindseys & other apocalypse hucksters/end times "theologians". I also DO NOT think our military presence in the mid-east & central asia to be divinely inspired either. I take a very dim view of our foriegn policy being influenced by someone elses' INTERPRETATION of the word of God.

It therefore comes as no surprise to those who know me that I'm not what you would call a rabid Zionist.

It was therefore with some interest that my attention was called to the 50% "two thirds majority" fiasco at the Democrat Nat. Convention a day or so ago. This is the first time I've ever heard of three strikes being the equivalent of a homer.

It seems a couple planks were "overlooked" in the initial drafting of the Democrat Partys' 2012 campaign platform (Why they didn't vote on them separately is beyond me.). The first being about GOD as a part of our history & national dialogue. Actually it's quite understandable about that originally being left out. That God guy with his plaintive call to accountability tends to cramp the style of catered to special interests.

The other was a statement about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. On that, I think it's time for a ...


The capital of Israel is ... WHATEVER THE ISRAELIS SAY IT IS.

The Israelis are the only ones in any real position as to the determination of that. NOT the U.S., NOT the U.N., and NOT the various Palestinian groups of which I think the Democrat Party is trying to be numbered with. Wether it's Jerusalem (A Mecca for tourists.), Tel Aviv, Haifa, Parkyacarcass ... whatever. It's up to them to decide & no one else. As long as they don't designate anyplace within the borders of the United States, its' territories & possessions they'll get no squawk from me.

"Thanks for the memories."

Which leads me to wonder. How many Democrat (Or Republican for that matter.) National Conventions from now will there be debate on inserting a platform plank on wether or not Israel has a right to exist ( A nagging little issue that crops up at the U.N. from time to time.)?

Again: The only ones having any right to determine anything like that are the Israelis. They are very good at asserting that right & have been doing so since 1948.

Just sayin'.

By the way. I refer to that bunch as the Democrat Party, NOT the Democratic Party. After what happened last Wednesday, I doubt it's democratic.

How three strikes equal a home run here.

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  1. As an ex-rapture bunny meself, I view the hijinks surrounding the mid-east with a degree of jaundice. WHAT you believe has consequences, and believing an untruth, or an inaccurate teaching, can have dire consequences indeed. Also hilarity!
    (WND has been sending me news bits about Hurricane Isaac being God's JUDGMENT-ah, because we have abandoned Israel. Apparently God has lost His touch....) I am a fan of Israel as a nation, but I abhor Zionist manipulation and spying in my country. Let Israel be Israel, just not on our dime. We don't have one anymore.

    1. Agreed. Allies don't have friends. Only interests.

      "But Jay!? Don't you believe the BIBLE to be the word of GOD!?"

      "Yes, I do. I just don't happen to believe your INTERPRETATION of the word of God to be the word of God."

      As for Hurricane Isaac (Did WND mention the name Isaac to be of any significance?), the rain up here has been something of a relief.


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