Friday, September 14, 2012


Yeah ... I know what this means.


Now that I have your attention, I would like to direct it to the "illustration" below. If you happen to be one of those delving into the various aspects of the "dark underbelly" of anime/manga, you may find this to be of particular interest:

I don't know who the writer is nor does it cite any studies, facts or stats backing it up. However, the plausability of the "article" & common sense tell me I have little reason to question its' credibility.

I have heard/read the excuses/rationalisations regarding the "consumption" of such material. I understand that if no real children were "used" in the making of such "liturature" then it doesn't fall under the definition of child porn. As a small "L" libertarian I understand the concept of "no victim, no crime/no blood, no foul". Yes, it's legal. Doesn't make it moral.

One fellow at a convention stated (In regard to some anime having "anatomically correct" upskirt shots of "underage" characters.) that he pretended the characters were actually older than they appeared. He actually said that ... with a straight face ... in front of an audience.

Others say that though they are into lolicon/shotacon, they would never, EVER, look upon a real child as a sexual object. I have my doubts. If one is into that, I would not suggest that person be hired as a staffer at a child care center. That common sense thing again.

Then there's the ultimate cop out: "Who is it hurting?"

It you're into that sort of thing then I would say it's ... ultimately ... you.

That Pedo Bear Meme here.

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  1. A repressive culture is gonna have weird pressure-release valves. I appreciate the author of the above piece (even if he or she is a troll, the truth of the point remains).

    An aware person said "you speak from what your heart is full of.". I do not think that he limited it to mere words. The things one does / or are "into" indicate the state of one's heart.

    We are rationalising creatures, and will go to acrobatic lengths to convince ourselves that "YOUR dirt is dirty. MINE is not."

    In all seriousness, re: the MLP phenomenon, I am angered and horrified at the sexualising of a cute kids' cartoon. Why must innocence be sullied so? (And to be truthful, I have only viewed a handful of episodes of the series, enough to appreciate the intentions of the production. Even my limited involvement in the "fandom" makes me feel protective of it. It's a KIDS' SHOW, consarn it!!)

    1. A reply in an Azumanga You Tube entry (The sports fest ball rolling scene titled "Weird Japanese Sport".) stated "putting weird & Japanese in the same sentance is redundant".

      "... for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." Matthew 12:34

      The smarmier of the rationalisers will say that their krap DOES stink ... Just not as bad as yours.

      Re. MLP: It's been said that the more pure & innocent something is, the more "satisfying" it is to corrupt it. "... bring them out unto us, that we may know them"(Genesis 19:5). Even today "they weary themselves to find the door" (Verse 11).

  2. caught my paraphrase. (Figgered you would. FYI- when I do not default to KJV chapter-and-verse form, it is because when many people see it, their eyes tend to slide right off of it.)

    Wow. The creepiest scene in Genesis. The amazing part is that when they were struck blind, they didn't give up. They kept hunting for the door.

    1. Their eyes "slide off of it" because of their own accountability that they don't want to be "reminded" of.

      "The creepiest scene in Genesis. The amazing part is that when they were struck blind, they didn't give up. They kept hunting for the door."

      The homosexual movement has a saying: "Never, never give up." Now I know what they mean by that. And it has little to do with dedication to a cause.

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