Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To Grandmothers' House We Go Pt 2

                                    To Grandmothers' House We Go Pt 2


                                                                    Jay Agan

      Thanksgiving at the grandparents in Elmira, NY was an annual ritual I always looked forward to. TV wise it was great as they had cable bringing in those NYC stations with all the kool movies & cartoons we couldn't see in central Ohio.

      Thanksgiving Day in New York City is known as "Gorilla Thursday". That's because WOR (Now WWOR) ch 9, would show King Kong, Son of Kong, & Mighty Joe Young back to back. WPIX ch 11, would show March of the Wooden Soldiers/Babes In Toyland (Laurel & Hardy) earlier in the week. In later years, WNEW ch 5 (I think.) would counter attack with some Godzilla flicks.

      One "memorable" Thanksgiving became something of a nightmare. I was going to be punished for some bogus infraction (I don't remember what it was, so it had to be bogus!). The punishment: Wash the dishes after the holiday meal. 30+ people! By myself. Dishwashers were an ultra-rare luxury in the 60s. Guess who DIDN'T have one!

      This wouldn't have bothered me so much except for one thing: Ch 5 was airing Creature From the Black Lagoon! Such perfect timing! Home video was nonexistant in the 60s, so you kiddies can stop thinking about how dumb I was for not DVRing it. Howzabout VHS? you ask. Yeah, right. We're talkin' the vacuum tube era, pal!

      There I was. A deprived "dyed in the wool" monster-kid missing out on his first chance of seeing one of the iconic Universal monsters of all time. And happening only a few feet away from where I was slaving away at those stupid dishes. Man! Wotta gyp!

      I eventually got over it ..... maybe.

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