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Azumanga Daioh, the Abridged Series An Episodic Review

                                       Azumanga Daioh, the Abridged Series

                                                     An Episodic Review


                                                                     Jay Agan

      This is a short (5 eps), sweet (Each less than 5 minutes.) little parody that got more than a few laffs out of me. Azumanga Daioh screams Parody Me! & there are more than a ton of them on You Tube. This has to be one of the best.

      1. Day One- We're introduced to the main characters. High points:

      Chiyo: "I'm supposed to tell you I'm a prodigy student but lying makes me feel bad inside."

      We find Osakas' original nick-name was Xanax at her old school because of episodic reactions. Tomo promises her quite a hazing in the next ep.

      Tomo: "Kill ya tomorrow newbie!"

      Osaka: "The more things change, ..... the more they suck!"

      2. Initiation- Osaka tries to concentrate on avoiding "that hyperactive girl" but is distracted by the posterior of a male student at the blackboard ("Oooo! Osaka likeee!"). Tomo & the others finally latch onto her &: Cafeteria food (Barf!), motor skills (fail), chugging (More barf!), & the old standby, beatings.

      Sakaki: "Oh! You guys started without me. Thanks a friggin' lot!"

      Osaka: "If it makes you feel any better, they haven't broken my spirit! My chest plate maybe ..... but not my spirit!"

      Yomi: "I admit. I thought you'd lose conciousness or start crying like a baby ..... like the ten year old."

      Osaka realizes they did it out of love & "..... for everything you've done to me, I promise ..... REVENGE!"

      3. Spending Time Wasted- Chiyo explains her wealth comes from a school tax exemption. Yukari starts a fire at school so she can leave work early & get drunk.

      Minamo: "..... stop dancing in front of children like that. It's disgraceful!"

      Chiyo: "You can start pole dancing for all I care. Just let me go back to my old school!"

      4. Master Plan- Chiyo attempts to drown Yukari. The kids find out Kimura's a pedo & plot to land him in jail but he "buys them off".

      Chiyo: "I'm sure glad I'm not you girls. There's no way he'd be interested in someone my age ..... right?" (Just goes to show, being a genius doesn't necessarily mean you're smart!)

      Tomo: "Yomi, you've compromised our safety for the next three years. But this ice cream is pretty good."

      Yomi: "Yeah. I'd say it was an even trade."

      5. Excursion- Instead of going to Sea World, the teachers decide to accompany the kids to Chiyos' summer home instead. Chiyos' little monologue on how she spends her wealth & spare time is a hoot & and a half.

      Yukari: "Who wants to ride with their favorite teacher?"

      Osaka: "The scent of death is on this car ..... It's fresh!"

      Osaka: "She tries to play on a Game Boy! While drivin'!"

      There are too many more yucks n' chuckles in this last ep so I'll leave them to you to experience.

      Chiyo: "Osaka tried to kill me with a firecracker! I wanna go home!"

                                        Article copyright © 3-31-2011 Jay Agan

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