Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Drexel North, A Place On High Street

                                  The Drexel North, A Place On High Street


                                                                    Jay Agan
      The Drexel North (Originally the Beechwold Theater then later the Camelot North.) was a "neighborhood" theater (One big screen.) that specialized in "alternative" films. Lesser knowns, foriegn, indies, etc.

      I was somewhat apprehensive in initially attending. The usual crowd was not what one would call normal. Pancake makeup, eyeshadow/lipstick all the colors of the rainbow, spandex stockings, sheer mini-skirts, tight, TIGHT, leather jeans ..... And that was just the guys! OK, I exaggerate. However, they weren't the types you'd find at your local multiplex. In spite of their strange appearance, I've found the crowds at the Drexel North to be the most well behaved of audiences I've ever encountered. They were there to SEE the movies!

      And such movies. Thanks to the Otani Film Fest I got to take in Seven Samurai & many another Kurosawa flick. Rands' We The Living. Various animation collections. Citizen Kane on the big screen! Even miscelaeneous "B" actioners from other countries. Akira rekindled a more than passing interest in anime.

      I'll always fondly remember the 1990 24 hour Sci-Fi marathon. Couldn't sleep after that one. I was up 36 hours straight!

      Sadly, the Drexel North is now a gym, its operations having been moved to Grandview. Studio 35 (On Indianola avenue.) seems to have taken its place in function in the area. Maybe I should check that one out.

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