Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Trials" of a Voice Actor Part 1

                                         "Trials" of a Voice Actor Part 1


                                                                Jay Agan

      So I get home after work , 12:30 AM on an early Friday morning in October 2008 & find my agent's left a message on my answering machine: Be in Louisville, Kentucky, 10 AM Monday to do a radio spot for some restaraunt. Pays 200 bucks (Travel expenses negotiable.)

      Let's see. About a 500 mile round trip in a car past voting age, maybe get reimbursed for gas & be back in time for work later that day. For 200 bucks (Less the agents' 20% thus 160.). Uh ..... yeah.

      Called the agent the "next" day & turned it down. Just starting out & couldn't afford such "popularity" (This is how you get a reputation for being "difficult" when you don't mean to.). Next agent I get, I'm stipulating nothing outside central Ohio.

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