Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mysogynist Moment

Mysogynist Moment

I knew this fellow while working at the pistol range in Powell, Ohio. Gunsmith by trade, he later went into a career in EMS.

While going to a two year tech college for it, he had to attend nursing classes. Comprised mainly of women. The first class of the day was one of those & he was the only guy there. Seems a lot of "feminists" attended this particular one & would engage in "girl talk" before lessons' start. A lot of it about, to put it mildly, "those men" & what scum they are. Being a gentleman, he kept quiet & would pass the time reading while they pretended he wasn't there. He put up with this for several weeks.

It came to a head finally. It was during a particularly vituperative before class session a hush fell over the room & one of the more vocal "activists" turned to him & loudly asked:

"So what do you think of all this?"

He calmly set down his book. He scanned the room, seeing all eyes on him.

"If you people didn't f---, there'd be a bounty on you."

The wailing! The whining! The grinding & gnashing of teeth! The absolute, cacophonous, pan-demonic-onium that ensued ...

What ... OMG! ... Dis ... Disagreement! Opposition! ... The sanctity of our suffering & outlook! ... Under attack! ... How ... How dare he dood this! How ... dare he ... Dare!?

Word of this got to the assitant dean. As this was the 90s all he got was a warning after explaining his side of the story. The male bashing in that particular class was a lot less after that though.

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