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On the Rapture, Third Impact, Armageddon & All That

For those Evangelion fans who ACTUALLY
think redemption comes from this direction,
 I got news for ya ..... It's a cartoon.
                         On the Rapture, Third Impact, Armageddon & All That


                                                                   Jay Agan

      As is now known, a one Harold Camping has predicted the end of the world starting on May 21st. Through his "numeralogical" permutations he claims to have found the exact date of the Great Flood & figures 5-21-11 to be exactly 7000 years after. Many (rightly so) disagree with Mr. Camping including yours truly (I have plans for the Memorial Day weekend after, & will more than likely, go through with them.).

      I have found, with some amusement, many of those who disagree with Camping cling to an equally silly "doctrine" called "THE RAPTURE". The second coming presumptively entails Christ "catching away" believers & leaving the rest to fend for themselves during the seven year chaos known as "The Great Tribulation" mapped out in the Bibles' book of Revelation, culminating in a "third coming" of Christ to set up his millenial kingdom on Earth.

      I've often wondered about the book of Revelation & what a cool anime series it would make. Hideki Anno could have a ball with it! As it is, I guess we'll have to settle for the closest thing to it, the Evangelion franchise, even with its Gnostic/Kabalistic wierdness.
      It's not the purpose of this article to prove/disprove the "rapture" or any other part of "The gospel according to Hal Lindsey & Tim LaHaye". I will only say I think it to be a classic case of taking Bible verses out of context & reading something into scripture that isn't there.

      As for me, I LIKE the idea that all my troubles & cares would be over by the 21st. Finally! It's over! I can "relax" for eternity. Heaven now, all right! How do I know I'm heaven bound? You got a point there. As a believer & "walking the walk", I really stink at it. I make God sad. I'm always amazed he hasn't zapped me out of sheer frustration by now.

      "That's it, Jay! You've done it for the last time!" POW!

      Bear with me, please.

      Howsomever, let's say, for the sake of arguement, that the rapture bunnies (And for that matter, Harold Camping.) are right. So ..... what?

      Many believers have become so engrossed & preoccupied with the end times they seem to have lost sight of the "big picture". To wit .....

      Yes, the rapture/end times could come at any moment. That does not stop the fact that in your own case it could be irrelevant. How so?

      You could die tomorrow. There is no guarantee you'll wake up here. You might wake up "there". Which "there" is it going to be? Heaven or that other place? (And I'm not talking about Cleveland!)

      You see, "the rapture" could be as imminent as a heart attack. Doomsday could be creeping up on you in the form of a life threatening disease. A "freelance socialist" could "armageddon" your sorry posterior on the street.

      You could be so focused on the Apocalypse that you wouldn't notice it coming from another direction in a very individual manner.

      You are to be on your guard at ALL times. Prepared for death at anytime so one can meet the Lord in full confidence you're ready. Here's the scoop:

1. Romans 3:10/Psalm 14:3-  Keep in mind, you're not good enough to get to Heaven on your own. No matter what you do, you're just not "good" enough.

2. Romans 3:23-  You're under a penalty & will always fall short of being good enough for God on your own.

3. Romans 5:12-  It's because of Adams' transgression that we're under this condition of death & sin. It can't be "cured" by ones' own effort.

4. Romans 5:8-  God, however, loves us & provided a way out from under this crushing penalty. His son, Jesus.

5. Romans 6:23-  Our sinful condition can only result in death. But through Jesus Christ, eternal life can be gained.

6. Romans 10:13 How? Here's where it starts.

7. Revelation 3:20-  He's calling you (And has probably for quite some time. You just won't bother to hear it.). All that's needed is for you to let him enter your life & take over.

8. Romans 10:9 & 10-  If you believe from within that He rose, so will you one day. If you tell others that He runs your life as well, you are destined for Heaven (Providing, of course, that He actually IS in charge of your life!).

9. John 3:16-  That pretty much settles that!

      Yeah. I know I didn't actually quote these verses. Look 'em up. READ them. Read them along with the verses before & after them. Hey! Read the whole chapters they appear in. Then again, read the book of Romans all the way through. Paul may get a little rocky so I suggest you try it with a Contemporary English Version. It's almost like having a conversation.

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