Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Credit: Colt Industries

      During a slow day at the gun store/range I worked at in the 90s, a co-worker related this little story. It happened when he was an insurance adjuster in Dayton. On the weekends, he would shoot at a public range in the country.

      First, a sidenote: As anyone who has owned one will attest, the Colt 1911 A1 .45 auto is one great weapon. I've owned a few over the years myself. It does have a quirk which though can be present with many semi-autos, is a bit more pronounced  with the Colt. Slide bite.

      If you're holding it two handed with the thumb of your "support" hand over the back of the shooting hand behind the slide, the slide could come back in recoil & cut you (One fellow said it could take your thumb off. No, it only FEELS like it took your thumb off.) Keep your "other thumb" out of the way. I've seen people need stitches.

      While shooting at the Dayton area public range, my friend noticed a fellow next to him on the line getting "bitten" & it didn't look good. As the guy was leaving for treatment, it was suggested the fellow state it was an accident with a router when questioned. What the gun hating buzz kills didn't need was another "gun accident" statistic to play with.

      A couple weeks later, my friend saw the same guy at the range with a red scar across his left thumb.

      "Say!" He exclaimed smiling. "How'd you get such a nasty looking scar?"

       The guy immediately grins.


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