Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My 100th Post

      It's been eight months now & I have enjoyed every minute. I find it hard to believe I've gotten this far. I didn't think I had so much to say about my favorite topics & am happy to say I have a lot more.

      There has been some "opposition". When starting a blog, don't expect your family, "friends", & co-workers to look at it. The reactions have ranged from indifference to derision. One "friend" said "I'm not gonna look at that s--t!" Another couldn't understand why anyone would look at anything I'd write. In his "heads he wins, tails I lose" game (He's under the delusion I'm a participant.) he thinks the blog is a failure as it's not making a ton of money (I toyed with the idea of putting ads on it if thousands upon thousands of readers showed up, but that wasn't my goal in doing this blog. So no ads.). He would like me to quit, then the blog would be sure to be a failure  justifying his views.

      Well I don't need any of their "support". What I do have is the support of not only you "repeat" readers (Of whom I am grateful more than you think.) but also of  the casual net surfer who drops in now & then. Though my main reason is to put my thoughts & ruminations up for the world to see no mattter how many take a look, it certainly gives me a kick to know there are several hundred a month who "stop by". To one & all, a big THANK YOU!

      I'll try to continue to put up at least three articles a week. Though my forte is older movies, at least one will be anime connected. In an attempt to get more exposure, I'm now a guest writer at JanaiBlog, where I post one of my older anime related articles per week.

      Again, THANK YOU everyone! You make it all worthwhile. Stay tuned.

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