Friday, September 27, 2013

RahXephon And Your Tax Dollars On Guard

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RahXephon And Your Tax Dollars On Guard

A few days ago, I placed a large (For me.) order of goodies to Amazon. As Amazon patrons know, a lot of other companies "piggyback" through Amazon and you can find some good deals on DVDs, new or used. Between Amazon, Half Price Books and Big Lots, I'm pretty well set.

One of the "piggyback" companies got their item to me in five days, a copy of RahXephon The Complete Collection: 26 episodes plus movie. When I got the item from my mailbox, I did a double take. The package had been ripped open.

I noticed the envelopes' plastic bubble insulation was intact and nothing wrong with the item. Was someone "checking" on the item? Looking at the envelope, I noticed there was no company label. Rather the return address was handwritten, not in the companys' name but that of who I assume to be the owner of the company. A quite "generic" Arabic/Islamic seeming name.

The envelope also was stamped "MEDIA MAIL (Subject to Inspection)" in two places.

Let's see:

1.) A handwritten manila envelope with bulky (Two VHS sized cases containing several discs each.) object inside.

2,) Said envelope is ripped open.

3.) "Exotic" name on envelope along with ...

4.) Two "MEDIA MAIL (Subject to Inspection)" stampings.

I wonder ...

Never before have I felt so wanted, loved, TRUSTED and protected.

So how come I don't feel so secure?

My viewing of RahXephon for the next few days is going to be "colored" by the above. Not only will I be watching for Mulians and Dolmens but also for Al-Qaeda, Homeland Security, and the U.S. (going) Postal Service.

Paranoia will destroy ya ...

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  1. What a strange experience. It does seem to fit, somewhat, into the paranoia that colors RahXephon, though. :P

    1. I've yet to see this show. Will be catching the first few episodes this weekend. As for the above article, I hope it was only an accidental rip/coincidence. But then again ...