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Neon Genesis Evangelion/End of Evangelion In A Nutshell

Neon Genesis Evangelion/End of Evangelion In A Nutshell


Jay Agan

This article is on the original Neon Genesis/End of Evangelion saga, NOT the Rebuild series of films.

For those anime fans who have NOT seen this, I strongly urge you do so. There is really none other like it (I'm reserving my opinion on Rah Xephon until after I see it.). Whether or not this show resulted from Mr. Annos' past problems with mental illness is open to conjecture. One thing is for sure ... It has a fascination/weirdness all its' own.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series and its' concluding follow-on film, End of Evangelion is a story of conspiracy. Conspiracy of super rich and powerful individuals trying to attain Heaven (Or what they think is a reasonable facsimile thereof.) without taking God into account. This involves (From their dissatisfaction with human progress/"evolution".) the merging/assimilation of all human souls/consciousness (Including YOURS!) into one gestalt being or "oversoul". To their way of thinking all weaknesses will be cancelled out by all strengths along with pain, suffering and loneliness being eliminated.

This "Human Instrumentality Project" of course, would mean the end of human existence but since when has that ever complicated the dreams of altruists?

The plot is complicated by a joker in the deck. One of the conspirators, an evil genius, uses the situation for his own ends through manipulation of various people including his wife (Who may be the one to have thought up this mad scheme.), several clones of said wife and a host of others including his own son who goes through a "damnation" of sorts.

Between the conspirators and the madman, everyone, along with a perceived extra-terrestrial enemy, are mere pawns in the game. A game ending in worldwide cataclysmic disaster.

This disaster as portrayed in End of Evangelion comes in the form of a "rapture" of sorts. No, not like the blissful delusions of  a Hal Lindsey or Tim LaHaye. The implementation of the Human Instrumentality Project or Third Impact event is a horrendous gathering of all souls. The deepest desire/dread of each individual is realized by Lillith (NOT Jesus!) in setting one up for assimilation.

Warning: End of Evangelion freaked a lot of folks on its' initial release. Still does today.

When watching, prepare yourself for a wild ride. What at first appears to be a giant robot slug fest eventually turns into a multidimensional (Or multidementional.) tale of wheels within wheels "shadow boxing", peppered with Christian and Kabbalistic imagery.

There is also the fact the main protagonist (The madmans' son.) is possibly the whiniest little git in anime history and really gets on ones nerves at times.

The Rebuild series of films seems to be another story entirely. Too many departures from the above (ESPECIALLY the third in the series.) and they don't give one a feeling of "looking over your shoulder for God". My take is that time will show Neon Genesis/End of Evangelion to be the definitive of the franchise.

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