Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Evangelion: Keel Lorenz And The Face Of Evil

Keel Lorenz, he's from (is) the government, & wants to help you. But!
Would you buy a used car from this man? Credit: Gainax
      A disclaimer of sorts: Keel Lorenz is a fictional character in the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime franchise. Feel free however, to subsititute the name of your "favorite" politician, do-gooder/altruist, cause, or organisation of your choice, fictional or otherwise.
                                  Evangelion: Keel Lorenz And The Face Of Evil


                                                                        Jay Agan

      Keel Lorenz is an imposing personality of great power and influence but don't let that put you off. Beneath that remote, lofty exterior beats a heart of purest gold. He is a very good, very caring person. A paragon of empathy. His care so vast. His concern so great. His compassion ..... beyond boundless.

      He intends to do you and everyone else a BIG favor.

      Mr. Lorenz has a grand vision. And an even grander plan to go with it. A vision/plan so vast, it encompasses the entire world. And YOU and every living soul are a part of it. When one is out to save all of humanity it can't be anything else.

      Mr. Lorenz & the SEELE organisation feel your pain. As a fellow human being he knows of the emptiness in the soul of each & every person and of the fear, conflict and lonliness resulting from that emptiness. And he has the remedy. However .....

      Much sacrifice is needed. On the part of each and every living creature on the face of the planet.

      To implement the FINAL SOLUTION to the weary struggle of living, drastic measures, or at least one drastic measure is to be done.

      No sacrifice too dear. No ideal too sacred. No individual life too precious to be offered upon the alter of the ultimate in altruism: The Human Instrumentality Project.

      Think long and hard. It takes more than a lot to bring about a vision of Heaven on earth. It takes all.

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  1. You seem to be one of those emotionless, libertarian Randroids.

  2. Emotionless, that's I. That's why my daughter cuddles up next to me when we watch movies, so we can both have access to the tissues.

    (Y'know, whichever way you write that, "Me", "I", it just isn't right!)