Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dang! Part 6: Laurence Fishburne & The Matrix

OK. So you just meet someone on the net. You get taken to an abandoned building where
you're told a wild story about reality. You're offered drugs in order to clear up things as
to wether they're real or not. Do you take them? Sure you do!
Credit: Warner Bros.

                               Dang! Part 6: Laurence Fishburne & The Matrix


                                                                      Jay Agan

      It's early '99 & out on a date with Sweet Sue. In the mood for some sci-fi we decide to take in The Matrix.

      Early the film is confusing to some. We get along fine, but the female half of the couple behind us is having trouble & keeps asking her boyfriend about what's going on. This is getting mildly irksome but the problem solves itself in short order.

      It's the part where Laurence Fishburnes' Morpheus character explains the situation to Keanu Reeves' Neo.

      There's Morpheus, for awhile twirling that shiney little pill case. Talking in clipped phrases in that ..... dull ..... semi-slow ..... monotone. Our eyes now on the now ..... motionless ..... pill ..... case. Semi-slow ..... monotone ..... shiney ..... little ..... pill ..... case. Listen ..... closely ..... as ..... I ..... say .....

      I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I immediately picked up on it. The Wachowsky brothers were using "hypnotism" to move the story along! I felt a little offended but .....

      The theater was quiet, you could feel the calm silence on the audience descending & soothing the spectators as they took it all in.

      It was quite effective. How do I know? The young lady behind us stopped asking her boyfriend for the remainder of the film.

      By the way. Don't take pills from strangers.

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  1. Mommy told me to NEVER take candy from strangers!