Friday, September 2, 2011

Dang! Part 5, Son Of Blob: THE BLOB ATE THE KITTY!

Happy little scene just before fluffy gets it.

                      Dang! Part 5, Son Of Blob: THE BLOB ATE THE KITTY!


                                                                      Jay Agan

      So I'm staying with the parents in Jersey while getting an education. Time off, I'm taking in New York City area TV of the 1980s (Dismal!). It's a Saturday afternoon & the set's tuned to either WNEW or WWOR when Son of Blob is broadcast. I had no intention of seeing this Larry Hagman directed turkey again. Howsomever ..... I have two sisters, both LOVE cats as do I. So .....

      The beginning of Son of Blob (SOB) has Godfrey Cambridge thawing out a sample of the creature (How he got it & why he's doing it is not clear.). While waiting he's off somewhere else. A little orange kitten wanders in & is "assimilated" by the mass of glop.

      My sister's in the other room & being the caring brotherly type (Not!) I wanted her to take this in. So I call out:

      "Hey sis! Here's something ya gotta see! A really cute little kitty!"

      Instantly conned, she rushes in.


      "Blob's gonna eat the kitty!"


      "Blob's gonna eat the kitty!"

      "No way, not in ..... Ohhh! Noooooooooo!"

      "Fluffy" gets caught by the first tendril & it's curtains for the cat.


     A total mix of emotions! She's laughing, smiling, blubbering & in "shock" all at the same time. She knows it's not real & the special effects are laughably phoney but ..... THE BLOB'S EATING THE KITTY!
      "Ruthie!?" Mom calls from the kitchen. "What's going on!?"


      As the monstrosity (In this shot, a rubber glove covered in gelatin.) carries off the little fuzzy darling who's letting out a piteous mewing sound, I give it my best faux sympathetic, semi-falsetto, "good ..... bye ..... kitty!"

      Sister totally "breaks down", half laughing, half blubbering runs to the kitchen .....

      "The blob ate the kitty!"



      "Jay! What's going on!? Get in here!"

      "Aw, Mom ....."

      "Now what happened?"

      "Oh ..... the blob ate the kitty," in my best matter of fact manner.

      "You ..... and ..... your ..... STUPID ..... movies!"

      Sister's still laughing/"crying" while Mom lectures me on brain rot, the "boob tube", & stupid movies.

      Meanwhile, our orange cat Sydney, is snoozing peacefully in the magazine basket under the TV stand.

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