Friday, September 23, 2011


Shot in 3D? Should have just been shot!
      Just got back from work. Saw something that tripped the gag reflex. Was going through the lobby of  the college I work at & happened to look up at the TV. I had what Sarah Palin would say to be a WTF moment. I saw evil, travesty ..... blasphemy! I saw a trailer for something that alleged to be The Three Musketeers.

      Alexandre Dumas is rolling, nay, spinning in his grave. He's turning over so hard he's air conditioning the whole cemetary! What in blazes is Hollywood trying to pull!

      Ninjas? (I think that's what they were.) Flamethrowers? Female swordsperson? (Roll the eyes.) Dirigibles? I've read the book. Have seen more than one version of this story (I understand the present piece of sacrilege to be a "reinvention" by another author.) on film. I don't remember any of THAT in there. I'd sooner see the Ritz Brothers, version than this.

       I will also sooner not see this piece of garbage. Never thought I'd be rooting for Richelieu.

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