Friday, October 4, 2013

That Stupid Dance!: A Girls und Panzer/Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Crossover Fanfiction

"... Just look at her! She's the only one who seems to be enjoying it."

That Stupid Dance!: A Girls und Panzer/Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Crossover Fan Fiction


C V Ford


"You gotta' be kidding me!"

"They're actually doing it?!"

Members of the gathering crowd gawked as the large military flatbed rolled through the center of town, young dancers gyrating withon to the beat of ceremonial drums. Even without the elevation, the eight young ladies in their skintight, pink costumes would have attracted more than enough attention at ground level.

"Guess the rumors were true-"

"Rumors huh?! I heard they were gonna' do it butt nekkid. I'm kinda' disappointed."

The older man moved his gaze toward the last speaker & glared. Exasperated, turning back to his wife he said, "anymore remarks like that, I'm gonna have to start knuckling some people."

"Take it easy dear. I know what you mean though." The woman paused and frowned. "I still can't get over it! Just what possesed her to make such a bet?"

"Bet NOTHING!" Exclaimed the husband. "The St. Glorianas wouldn't have had to do this if THEY lost. This is a penalty Anzu-chan herself put on the command team and council. I mean ... Just look at her! She's the only one who seems to be enjoying it."

"She's your grand daughter after all."

"I seem to recall hon, she's also YOUR grand daughter."

"Her craziness HAS to come from your side of the family. Really ... There's no other explanation for it ..."

"Hmm, lets see ... ," the man speculated silently to himself. "Bossy, manipulative, laid back, yet at times hyperactive ... Yup! Has to be from my side of the family ... Yeah ... Right!"

"I mean ... where else could she have gotten such exhibitionist tendencies?"

Sighing, the man appraised his wife. Though in their fifties, they made it a point long ago to stay in as best physical shape as possible. He saw, even now, she could do quite well in one of those pink "fish" leotards, dancing with them. Thoughts of publicity stunts involving bunny outfits & guitars back in the day, rushed to the fore.

"Hi Sobo-chan! ... Sofu-chan!" Anzu exclaimed, waving gleefully at them from the passing vehicle.

He facepalmed in involuntary reflex as bystanders, some of them neighbors and aquaintances, looked their way, knowing smiles on their faces. Frowning, Haruhi rolled her eyes trying to look detatched from it all.

"Yup!" Thought Kyon trying not to embarrasingly grin. "OUR granddaughter ... but Haruhi ALL the way ..."


Storyline (only) copyright © 10-4-2013 C V Ford

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  1. I have seen an episode of Girls und Panzer. It amuses.

    Have you given (I cannot forgive Funny-mation for this title!) "Bodacious Space Pirates" a chance?

    Sublime, it is!

    1. Subslime? Well ... If you put it that way I just might catch it on Crunchyroll. I understand it was originally called Miniskirt Space Pirates of some such.

      As long as there's no "equine cutesiness", if you know what I mean ...

  2. "Pirates" has cute girls in school uniforms in microgravity...and ZERO fan service. It goes for beautiful art and excellent storytelling.