Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why I Would Not Join the Military Today

Why I Would Not Join the Military Today

Written on Monday, October 21, 2013 by David L. Goetsch for

I have counseled hundreds of young men to join the various branches of the military, helped dozens secure ROTC slots at various colleges and universities, and assisted several in gaining military academy slots. However, I have begun to question the advisability of providing this kind of assistance.  How can I in good conscience recommend that young men pursue a military career or even enlist in the military when I would no longer do so myself?  How can I look a young man in the eye and recommend that he knowingly and willingly put his life on the line in an era when he will be expected to regularly violate his most deeply-held religious and personal beliefs?  How can I ask a young man to follow the orders of politically correct officers who are more concerned about protecting their careers than their men?  How can I recommend that a young man put his life in the hands of a president and a Congress that do not respect him or the military? The answer to all of these questions is one I never thought I would utter: I can’t.

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In my own estimation, a country bent on suicide (Collectivism, feminism, homosexuality, abortion/infanticide.) and forcing you to subsidize it as well as drag you down with it is one not worthy of ones' loyalty. To serve in a military that brands you a terrorist for being a Christian and/or a conservative is beyond foolish.

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