Friday, October 11, 2013


Pretty much my thoughts on this show.



1.) Episodes 25 and 26 of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

2.) Extend it out to 26 episodes.

3.) Multiply the percentage of mysto/psychobabble by at least a factor of three.

4.) Do the same with the vagueness and ...

5.) Throw in a "giant robot" slug fest as an afterthought.

And you get ...

RahXephon. The umpteenth movement. The world ... Suffused ... With ... Ra ra?

I will NEVER get back the time I wasted watching this garbage. Neon Genesis/End of Evangelion had me looking over my shoulder for God. This clinker had me looking past my shoulder for the remote.

I can't describe the plot as it's a confusing jumble of Evangelion rip off (Not enough though. Otherwise it MIGHT have been good.), fortune cookie philosophy/platitudes, double/triple headers and mind games. At best, I can describe the main protagonists' situation. Spoilers? Sure. Just think of it as my saving you some time from watching it.

Ayato Kamina is 15 years of age. So is his 27 year old wife he is unknowingly married to (You find this out after the end credits of the last episode.) His infant daughter is about to turn 15 ... HUH?

Keep in mind, this is anime.

His mother is an alien who has groomed him to pilot the titular "giant robot" construct that will resynch/retune the world. What the heck does that mean? I haven't a clue. Nor do I think the ones who made this mess. What I do know is that the retuning involves Ayato "finding himself". A process that seems to entail killing most of his friends (Later his wife.) in a rather violent manner. Rei "Lillith" Ayanami was a much better way to go.

Ayato also has trouble figuring out whos' side he's on throughout the series. So much so that about three "filler" episodes have him back in the enemy camp.

And what's up with that weird pop bottle? It's shown prominently in about ten episodes and has no significance to the non-story. It's just ... there. So's this anime it seems.

This weekend, I will be watching the "rehash" movie: RahXephon Pluralitas Concentio. As it's a feature length film, I'm hoping there will be much less crud to wade through and thus be more coherent. Otherwise the anime club at the local college gets another freebie.

Something for those of you who actually liked this show.

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