Saturday, January 19, 2013

Girls und Panzer/Kellys' Heroes

Don't know who did this but I like it! L-R: Clint "Kelly" Eastwood,
Kay/Kei, Miho Nishizumi, & Donald "Oddball" Sutherland.

Girls und Panzer/Kellys' Heroes

Just finished Girls und Panzer on Crunchity Roll. At least what there is of it. Seems they delayed broadcast of the last two episodes in Japan until March. Guess they're trying to work out a plausable ending. No matter how it turns out, I WILL get this when it's released in a box set.

I'll admit, if it wasn't for the AFVs & the tank battles I wouldn't have given it even a passing glance. As an amateur (very) historian & a past wargamer, the WWll trappings had me engrossed in the show.

Without the unique premise (Tank warfare as part of a schools' martial arts program.) it's just another cutesy/moe' high school girl anime with all the tropes/stereotypes/situations common to countless others of its kind. Usually with a reluctant young lady finding her identity through teamwork & doing her best. We've seen it all before.

I do like the two Kellys' Heroes references. In episode 05, one of the girls infiltrates the American teams' school to get the lowdown on their strategy for an upcoming match (An obvious WWll allegory.). When challenged to identify herself, she replies as "Oddball, Sargeant third class" in reference to Donald Sutherlands' character in the movie. In episode 10, the freshman team (Lee/Grant tank.) are seen viewing Kellys' Heroes during a pre-match gathering. They weep openly when the Tiger gets hit from behind as did I ... ahem ... Actually I ... I didn't. No! Really! ... I didn't! ... Honest!

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  1. Saw the first episode last night. Really odd concept, and at the end when the camera pulls back to show what's REALLY going on, well....

    I can take moe in small doses.

    1. So what's your beef with The Three Stooges? I like Moe! I empathyze with Moe! I identify with Moe! Moe is ... Oh! ... THAT moe'! Geez! I thought you were "talking" about Mr. Howard!

      Actually, if you can get past the "cute" (Gag! Hack! Uuuuurp!)! You'll LOVE the tank battles.

      With the moe' it does come across like MLP ... You know ... My Little Panzer, Blitzkrieg Is Magic!




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