Tuesday, January 8, 2013

About Alex Jones

About Alex Jones

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the CNN "conversation" between Alex Jones & Piers Morgan. Some may have been appalled, others cheering. While it might have hurt "the cause", I lean somewhat toward the latter.

Yes, Mr. Jones could have toned it down a bit. He could have been more eloquent & less emotional. He could have been more "civil & respectable". But ... You know ... Mr. Jones didn't do what a lot of us haven't thought of: Get in the face of one of those coiffed/manicured & smug Henson-like media puppets & give him a piece of ones' mind. I understand Mr. Jones' frustration probably more than Mr. Jones himself.

Mr. Morgan has made a more than good living with that GENUINE British accent & air of FAUX superiority. Somehow many of the lemming-like American people enjoy what the blue/white collar Briton & others of the "chattering classes" have had to endure for literally centuries from their own parasitic aristocracy.

One should keep in mind that Mr. Morgan does nothing more than what a trained poodle does at the command of his masters.

While Alex Jones was correct about the Second Amendment not being about duck hunting, he should also have pointed out it also had nothing to do with crime either ... A smoke screen Mr. Morgan kept falling back on.

Mr. Jones should have kept pointing out that it was about protection from overreaching government. Not duck hunting. Not crime. Not "the children". The possibility of government tyranny is more to be feared than a madman with a gun. To wit: Government gone wrong has caused more death in the world than all the "free lancers" combined. Think about it.

By the way ... I'm AGAINST Mr. Morgan being deported. He should be "forced" (Note the quotes.) to stay & "languish" in a free America (Provided, of course, it stays that way.).

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