Friday, January 11, 2013

Interesting Search Words #26

Interesting Search Words #26

Well, it's been over a year since I started this column/series. I started it in mind to provide article fodder/filler & it's been a complete success. It practically writes itself! Lots of hits, mostly from "picture snatchers" but ... a hit's a hit. I'm definitely going to continue writing these.

Now ... Without further adieu ...

1. lucky star konata miyuki yaoi - I think you have your hentai sub-genres confused.

"Oh Tamura-san! ... What does yaoi mean?"

"Uuuuwaah! ... That ... depends ... on which one you mean ...!"

2. dishonored hentai - I would think so, yes.

3. little mole communist - We LOVE our president! Yes we do!

Ya gotta love the guy!

 4. why did shinji calm down after seeing kawaru - Because he was very confused
... & so are you.

Yes .. It's EPIC ... But not the real thing.

5. sakaki azumanga hot - Tall is always HOT!

Maybe I'll take up scuba diving ...

6. rei yuki - That anything like Nagato Ayanami?

Be disturbed ... Be VERY disturbed ...

7. minami iwasaki yutaka kobayakawa - Hiyori? ... You've got to stop drawing your friends like that!

This ... is how they're supposed to be drawn ...

8. haruhi suzumiya meme - The eternal meme ... She is God ... She is God ... She is God ...

Haruhi art on a protest sign in Gaza. Translation anyone?

9.asuka making shinji wear girls clothes - Yes ... very confused.

There are girlfriends. And then there are ... girlfriends.

10. rei ayanami porn doll - I hope you get TANGED in the worst way!

She later ripped his arm off!

11. skooby doo anime style - 'N here ya go!

I really hated that show. I could change my mind if they did this.

So that's it fer now. Stop by in a couple weeks ...

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  1. for the haruhi suzumiya one : Stop killing children , Haruhi is love haruhi is life

    1. Thank you for the traslation.

      I've seen that pic more than once and as I can't read Arabic, have often wondered what that meant.