Friday, August 17, 2012

The Whisperer In Darkness: One NOT Worth Watching

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                            The Whisperer In Darkness: One NOT Worth Watching


                                                                  Jay Agan

     Words cannot describe my disappointment on viewing this film. In light of the fact this film came from the same outfit that made Call of Cthulhu, I had such high hopes for this. Call of was 100% faithful to Mr. Lovecrafts' story, & though I knew there would be at least a little embellishment with Whisperer (The trailers seemed to indicate as much.) I was hoping it would adhere 90%. Perhaps ...

     I guess you could say 100% of the original story is there ... which makes up 66% of the film. Right after the protagonist realizes that things aren't as they seem, the film goes from Lovecraft to Lucas, ie. it turns into an Indiana Jones movie complete with a "temple of doom" scene! I should have known something was up when early in the film a character mentions the protagonists' lack of expertise in flying a plane. Yup, there's not only a chase on the ground but also a chase in the air as the hero & a little girl try to outfly the Mi-Go. The girl ends up falling to her death, body spinning to earth.  Guess they took the "kill off the little girl" cue from the The Walking Deads' first episode. Just came across as mean to me.

     You also get a "What the heck!?" conclusion as, when you think the Wilmarth character ended it all in a plane crash, he's now in a "dream state" describing how happy & wonderful it is to be under the Mi-Gos' sway. Yeah, I "spoiled" it for ya. Maybe I saved you some time. You'll thank me later.

Pretty much how I felt after watching.

     The best part of the film was when my dvd player encountered a smudge or something & the picture pixilated, skipped, hopped, & jumped for a minute. My copy came with a second disc of extras about the making of the film. I have not bothered to view it. It's enough that I know they ruined the story. I don't need or care to know how.

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  1. May they be the LAST to be eaten....

    This is sadness, because "Call" was a feast of quirky goodness.

    1. Was going to see both on the big screen at the Grandview Theater a few weeks ago but work prevented me. Just as well. While I would have enjoyed Call, Whisperer would have bummed me out.