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The Passion of Ayn Rand: Man, This REALLY Creeps Me Out!

Horror? Documentary? Bio pic? You decide!
Credit: Producers Ent. Group, HBO
                    The Passion of  Ayn Rand: Man, This REALLY Creeps Me Out!


                                                                     Jay Agan

      I like Ayn Rands' works. I've a whole shelf of them. The Fountainhead is in my collection. I consider myself an Objectivist (Small "o". I don't believe that in order to be a true individual I have to do EVERYTHING Ayn Rand says.). I am pretty much an adherent of her philosophy.

      It was with some interest that I snapped up a vhs tape of The Passion of Ayn Rand in a thrift shop a few years back. In spite of it being an "anti" Rand film, I enjoyed it & still do. Maybe she was horrid in person. She certainly had her faults. That only makes her more human to me.

     Horrid or not. It doesn't take  any validity away from her belief system. Actually, very little of Rational Objectivism is original (Aristotle, et al.). Rand was just very good in codifying & laying it all out in an understandable manner.

      Something, however, happened. A most startling revelation hit me while I was viewing the tape for the fourth or fifth time over a several month period. I wasn't looking for it. It hit me between the eyes totally without warning.

      Many may disagree about Helen Mirrens' portrayal of Ms. Rand. I'm sure Peikoff & co. do. Wether or not Mirren accurately played the part of Ayn Rand or not, one thing is for sure: She was  certainly spot on with someone else.

      While watching, it dawned on me: The facial expressions. The gestures. The voice.  The histrionics. The eyes! That ..... heavy ..... "Slavic" ..... accent.

      "Oh my God!" I thought. "It's impossible! It can't be! But it's true!"

Could Helen Mirren & Lugosi be one &
the same? The mind boggles. I know I'm
boggled! credit: Universal Pictures.
      He's back! Bela Lugosi is back!

      Helen Mirren as Ayn Rand. If Lugosi had been a woman, this is what (s)he would have looked & sounded like! This was better than Martin Landaus' portrayal in Ed Wood (I was & still am pleased over his getting best supporting actor Oscar in '95.)!

      Yes! He's back! More terrifying & chilling than ever! Don't miss ..... BELA LUGOSI! In ..... The Passion of Ayn Rand!

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