Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dang! Part 3: The Last Hunt

Credit: MGM

                                             Dang! Part 3: The Last Hunt


                                                                    Jay Agan

      I've loved westerns ever since I can remember. Up until I was 10 they were the only live action pictures I'd watch. The vast majority would end up on an upbeat note, but every so often I'd run into one that was ..... different.

      Take The Last Hunt. The one you'd think was the protagonist turns out, early on, not to be a nice guy at all. Now, in this day & age, it's no big deal. Most of todays movie heroes are flawed beyond belief & into boredom. It started with Randolph Scott & James Stewart & should have ended right after Clint Eastwood. Now you have these "gritty" (Filthy actually. Everybody looks like they crawled out from under the sub-basement of an outhouse!) westerns where the film would improve if they get the "hero" killed off as soon as possible.

      Being from 1956, The Last Hunt has the main character take a hit at the end. In a very (For me at the time I saw it as a kid in the 60s.) graphic manner. Caught in a snowstorm & desperate, Charlie (Robert Taylor) shoots a buffalo & takes the skin to shield himself from freezing. In a well filmed closing scene, he's discovered sitting up ..... dead ..... with the hide frozen to him.

      That scene has stuck with me ever since.

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