Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On Voting

I guess we know now what that "else" is. Thanks a lot non-voters!

On Voting

As an actual combat veteran, Dad's never given much to "war stories". Doesn't care to talk about it. It was hinted at by others he'd gone through some really hairy stuff. If he does mention anything it's once in a blue moon & on something comparitively "mundane". Which is where this story/article comes in.

Dad also doesn't care much for those who don't vote. Here's why:

Sixty years back in November '52, on a hill in Korea, he cast his first vote.

He was a young second leutenant, a forward observer for artillery. For those who don't know, a forward spotter isn't miles back with the big guns. Not only is he on the front line with the grunts, but at times in FRONT of the front line. Where the only other people around may be sporting a different uniform/language &, if you're found, may act toward you in a rather hostile manner.

Needless to say, Dad has no business walking around breathing today. By the grace of God, he made it out alive.

It was on that day in November, the mess staff was supposed to bring the ballots up with the food. Only the food arrived. In order for each man to vote, they would, one at a time (They couldn't all just leave their positions at once.), make a three mile round trip in the rain to cast their ballot at the company CP (Something most wussies ... er ... uh ... Americans would balk at.). Dad liked Ike by the way.

To those pious hyprocrites who stayed home & prayed instead of voting:

If you "left it to the Lord" as I've heard some say, then He sure has one heck of a sense of humor. Jesus doesn't vote. YOU are supposed to.

If your phoney rapture non-doctrine does pan out I hope you're either LEFT BEHIND
© (Serve ya right! God hates a coward.) or you actually do get taken & are not in the way of our struggle against the beast. We don't need you. While Jesus may not hate you, I certainly do.

To those "conservatives" who stayed home:

Just what the hell were you thinking? That it was an easy Romney win & your vote wasn't needed? Thanks to you, we still have "the annointed one" & John "Mr. Tough Guy" Boehner screaming compromise along with the other RINOs. Thanks for nothing, intrepid ones.

As for those who never vote:

I've usually found these to be either lowbrows or non-entities. I've long realized they're not worth talking to (The last one I tried reasoning with had me seriously contemplating kicking my heavy booted foot into the little dolphin tatoo on her ankle.). These none-suches would probably vote the wrong way anyhow. Maybe it's good some don't vote anyway.

Just sayin'.

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