Saturday, November 17, 2012

Interesting Search Words #24

Interesting Search Words #24

Gotta keep searchin' searchin'
Find a place to hide
searchin' searchin'
Baby by my side
If we gotta keep on the run
We'll follow the sun now
Follow the sun now

1. girls in chastity belts - Not a bad idea considering ...

2. kyon & haruhi-third impact - didn't that almost happen in episode 6 of the first season & ep 23 of the second?

3. hentai real - Hentai not real.

4. william holden gay - I don't think so.

5. rei ayanami rebuild smile - Here at Community Dentistry, we can rebuild ANYONES smile into the perfect "you" ...

She's smiling 'cause you're about to get tanged.

6. tiny toons evil elmira - That's Almira. Elmira's a town in upstate New York.

7. shinji ikari depressed - More depressing than depressed.

"No! ... NO! ... Not ... My Little Pony! ... Anything but THAT! Aaaaaaaugh!"

8. green miranda warning card - Good combo. You can work AND keep your mouth shut.

9. cthulhu mlp - "... and in strange eons even THAT may die."

10. sailor moon smoking weed - "In the name of the moon ... I will uh ... uh ... Hey dude!? ... Ya ... Ya got any Doritos?"
Hey ... All Superman needed was a pair of glasses.
Fooled me every time.

Well, that's it for now. Maybe more in a couple weeks.

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  1. #3)"Hentai Real" I think that was film set in the Spanish era of California, starring William Holden.

    #5) But can you rebuild once it's Tanged?

    #6) Elmyra Duff.

    7) MLP would relax Shinji like nobody's business. I say get him, Rei, and Asuka together for a marathon, and let the Friendship commence!!

    10)"sailor moon smoking weed"
    I am a pro-decriminalisation guy, maybe pro legalisation, I do not partake of The Leaf. I am amazed that so many of the "pro weed" crowd (do they REALLY have to call it weed in polite company?) seem to do their best to talk people OUT of supporting legalisation, 'cos they are dumb as a box of rocks.

    1. #3) Wasn't Hentai Real later remade as The Wild Bunch?

      #5) If ones' will is strong enough, you can come back with a smile like you wouldn't believe. Just don't let that psycho red-head tag along.

      #7)& #10) Actually, I think the "weed" might help Shinji & Asuka better than MLP. As for Rei, well ... She's already there.

  2. 2) is just a sign of feminazi hypocrisy.