Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fool Me Twice ... Darkness Descends

Darkness descends.

Fool Me Twice ... Darkness Descends

To all this does concern;

Last night, I saw the United States put an official stamp on its' headlong rush to suicide. I had already noted its' death wish through the years in the promotion/sanction of collectivism, feminism, abortion & homosexuality, things most destructive to a nation. Now, with the re-election of Obama something new has been added.

Last night, the parasites & their allies came out of the woodwork in droves & outvoted us. There are now more of THEM than there are of us. The "something for nothing" crowd now has a greater understanding that they can get anything they want at the expense of the productive. The politicians, both left & right, will make note of this & act accordingly to eventually accomodate them as much as possible. A great socialist dark age is about to descend.

I had hopes for my own future. I was hoping when the economy improved I could go back to a voice acting career. A career that was yanked out from under me when, 16 months into the presidents' first term, I was informed by my agent that my contract would not be renewed due to the bad economy. I bided my time in hopes things would improve. A good start would have been in the ousting of Obama & repairing the damage caused.

Now that I see real economic recovery to be impossible (The forced health care insurance racket to be foisted upon one & all will help not in the least.) I have decided to forego an acting career. Even if I restarted & was successful It would only put me in a higher tax bracket. I have no desire to contribute anything more to what I feel is a country bent on killing itself & taking me with it. As a character in Ayn Rands' novel, Atlas Shrugged said: "I don't care to be the cannibals' lunch & do the cooking as well."

I'm a janitor now & probably retire as one. Instead of having my dreams on hold, I will now hang them up for good. I plan on contributing as little as possible to "the community", society, or whatever it is they call that vague, collective hive mind. I withhold any talent or goodness I might have given to the world. To better myself would mean I would only be punished (taxed) more for whatever they deem to be a "fair share" (Subject to change anytime someone behind a desk thinks it's not "fair" enough & increase it.).

As it contributes nothing to "their scene", I will continue with this blog as a creative outlet for myself.

To those who have voted to cut the nations' throat, congratulations. Enjoy it while you can. I optimistically give it ten, maybe fifteen years before the consequences of your actions become more than apparent. As you make more & more demands upon the productive, the less you will get as the incentive for creators, inovators, job providers & working people to better themselves will be diminished. The grab bag of free goodies will eventually be empty, the goose laying the golden eggs will be dead. The party will be over.

To those who voted for the president the SECOND time wether it was out of "idealism" or the belief it was for the "good" ...

There is an old saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

The shame will be very much on you though I doubt you have the wit to feel it. The smarter among you may eventually find your fanciful ideologies & good intentions to be of little use/compensation in the years of darkness to follow.

The unfortunate thing is we will ALL get what you deserve. In your haste to bring about your dream of a better tomorrow, we will all be dragged through what will become a nightmare.

To those who voted otherwise. To the makers of real material wealth. To the inventors & innovators. To the creative & artistic among you. To the adventurous & seeking. To the working man & maintainer:

It was good while it lasted. I am sad to see this country go.

May God bless you all. For we are about to descend into hell.


Jay Agan

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  1. My thoughts exactly.
    Apparently the big difference was the left-leaning Hispanic vote. (NOT SAYING that all Hispanics are leftist, but the ones that are tipped the scale.)

    1. The ideological tipping point may have been reached. "Democracy" can only work in a moral setting, & it's been a long time since it was like that.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Last Tuesday the majority of voters voted to ruin this nation by renouncing it's founding ideas and documents and embracing Socialism.

    1. I honestly don't think they're smart enough to renounce anything beyond their stomachs, hands, genitals & the moment. They have no idea as to what's going on. Many can't read, let alone the documents. As for socialism, I doubt they know how to embrace anything other than the immediate physical.

      I do get your point however.