Friday, February 1, 2013

Guns Polls & Statistics: Off the Top of My Head

It's interesting to note, she turned in her .38 for
purposes of publicity but held on to her .357.

Guns Polls & Statistics: Off the Top of My Head

Recently, Senator Dianne Feinstein was heard muttering through clenched teeth, about how ALL the polls "showed" Americans were overwhelmingly in favor of gun control measures of all kinds & how congressmen must have the "courage" to defy their constutuencies (The people they're supposed to represent, the majority of which who voted them into office.) & help pass these "measures".

I don't give much credence to polls, especially the ones catering to special interests & done by such "unbiased" groups like CNN. I tend to believe other sources ...

1. Since Newtown/Sandy Hook, gun sales have gone through the roof. Guns (Not just those dreaded ASSAULT WEAPONS.) are clearing the shelves, stocks dwindling, prices going up due to scarcity. Same for ammo, magazines, accessories & gear.

2. The number of requests for background checks through the National Instant Check System (NICS) hit record highs, causing days long delays for individual requests.

3. The membership of the National Rifle Association, in the first ten days after the aforementioned incident, increased by 100,000 members. As of a week & a half ago, by a quarter million. Who knows what it's like for other pro-gun organisations ...

4. Last week - An anti-gun rally was held on the D.C. mall with a WHOPPING grass roots attendance of 600 people (As compared to say, the pro-life fringe groups the day before at the same location. Showing up with only a measly 800,000.). A pro-gun rally in California came up with ONLY about 50,000 in attendance. Yes ... I'm being sarcastic.

You want "polls"? You want stats? Sales figures, etc, seem to be better indicators as to what the people are thinking.

And Feinstein can go on grinding her teeth to nubs for all I care.

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  1. The news porteayed the anti-gun rally as HUGE, with a handful of people at the pro 2nd rally.

    I am shocked. SHOCKED!

    1. Reminds me of O'Donnels' "Million Mom March" (Hundred Whore Hike) where hardly anyone showed up but the media played it up anyway.