Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Interesting Search Words #11

                                                  Interesting Search Words #11

      Yes! Weird people looking for even stranger things on the web. Some of them even come here!

1. apocalyptic anime porn - One can only wonder as to what kind of theology THAT guy is into.

2. baby cthulhu, moe' cthulhu - Even Jeffrey Dahmer was someones' little baby once. Movie reviews here & here.

Credit: John F. Sebastian

3. ayanami racer - Everyone is when Third Impact hits.

4. evangelion derp - Here's mine (Back when I had misconceptions about the show.).

I wonder if the John Birch Society's got the lowdown on this bunch.

5. images of japan travel ads with rei ayanami - I always said it would take more than a quake to keep me away. THAT would do it!

6. hot chick dressed as pokemon - I think he was looking for this:

Isn't that ..... Spring Thomas? Looks a lot like her. 

7. cthulhu why settle for the lesser evil - Why indeed? I still voted for Ron Paul.

THE Ron Paul Pyramid of Greatness. Save this to your hard drive,
expand it on your viewer, & you'll see why I voted the way I did.

8. haruhi kyon marriage - Do you really want THAT to happen? Well ..... Do you? Let's leave things the way they are!

Great! That's JUST what we need! More oblivious dieties
running around! This makes Third Impact look good!

9. jays grave - What the .....! Now I'm nervous!

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  1. I think you should recheck your stats for today, you'll find something interesting in there.

    As for mines (and this is only for today):

    pedo bear (with 12 views)
    mami goes crazy madoka (with 3 views)
    anime chicken (everything else has 1 view)
    eating breakfast anime girl
    i touch my nose and i sneezing (I don't know, alright)
    over 9 thousand sparta remix (ummm, I guess O-New's not really an anime/manga blog)
    anime gay sex (or maybe it is.)
    anal anime (related to the previous one)
    yuri red river
    don't its cherry flavor internet meme (uh... I don't even)

    1. Yeah. It's all them there "pitcher snatchers" wot done git here. But if one in five or six actually read the article the foto came with .....

      I'm just glad I don't have the "pedo-bear" meme posted here.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ...Always ripping on poor soul-less Rei...

    1. "...Always ripping on poor soul-less Rei..."

      That any thing like "The Bridge At San Luis Ray"?