Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Sansei Shooter

                                                   The Sansei Shooter

Hordes of malcontents leaving tax-payer supplied resort. That's gratitude for ya!

      While working at the pistol range in Powell Ohio back in the 90s, I would often avail myself of conversation with the various clientele. One interesting fellow comes to mind. The only Japanese redneck I've ever met.

      He worked in the offices of a gravel quarry in southwest Columbus. In his late fifties/early sixties, wearing (Depending on the weather.) a worn blue jacket or a ratty t-shirt, he'd come in once a week smoking one of those big cigars of his, to "shoot the bull".

      We always got a charge out of this guy (Sadly, he's no longer with us. Damn cancer.). He'd regal us with tales of the bad ole days of living in the OSU area during the sixties (The National Guard was called out on various occasions, not because of political "activism" but because THE BUCKEYES! won/lost a game. Nowadays it's just 12th Ave. going up in smoke.), or the drawbacks & merits of the various models of Harley & Triumph bikes.

      Invariably the discussion got to politics, particularly gun control. We of course all agreed it was a matter of putting the second round through the hole the first one made & not the lofty non-solutions as proposed by the starry eyed, self appointed, would be saviors of our souls. One quote of his I'll never forget:

      "They say waiting periods (For gun purchases.) are for cooling you down. Bulls--t! I've been divorced from my ex-wife for over twenty years & I still wanta' kill her!"

      On another occasion, I asked why he owned guns. He gave an answer that's stuck with me to this day:

      "I was born in a concentration camp at Tule Lake in northern California. This was where they sent 'troublemakers'. My mom was there because she wouldn't sign a loyalty oath. She said she was an American & didn't have to sign so they sent her there. I may not remember much of it at all but they 'did it' to me before, they're not going to 'do it' to me again. That's why I own guns."

Hey! It's the gummint wot determines who/what's
American, not you pal. Now that we got THAT straight .....

Enjoying tax-payer funded meals. Darn freeloaders!

      This was in sharp contrast to the reaction I got from a regular customer from Yokohama who was in the U.S. for his company. He was a bit aghast when I stated that any of the internees had the perfect right to shoot anyone taking them to a "relocation center". That "go with the flow" mentality I'll never understand.

      Things are different everywhere.

Article copyright © 3-22-2012 Jay Agan

Makes me PROUD to be an Amurikan. An iffen yew don'
think so mebbe yew awtta go someplace lahk Rooshia!

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  1. It's the difference between growing up with awareness of your own independence and growing up by being forced down into conformity. Nurture vs. nurture...

    1. "The nail that stands up shall be pounded down."

      That may explain why I'm a bit bent.

  2. Michelle Malkin wrote a book defending the internment camps, earning her a "Conservative in name only" badge from me. The issue is deeper than mushyrulez indicates. People reading about the camps (and there WERE camps for Americans of German descent as well) tend to divorce it from the regime of the Great and Benevolent Oz himself, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Presidency that did such a good job of trampling on the rights of the citizens, and ignoring the Constitution's limits, established The New Deal AND Internment camps. Both flagrantly disregarded Constitutional limits on what the Federal government can and should do. People today should not be surprised at stories of FEMA camps, and Barack Hussein Obama's (aka Barry Soetoro) NDAA signing that renders every American a potential Enemy of the State - I mean "terrorist"- because both Woodrow Wilson and FDR trampled on the People's Constitutional liberties; two progressives showing the way to a third, President Obama.

    1. "Michelle Malkin wrote a book defending the internment camps ....."

      I'm wondering if the knowledge of her Filipino ancestry may have influenced her a bit in writing that. The Filipinos had a hard way to go under Japanese occupation.

      I remember the controversey surrounding her book. I think she (Along with the then U.S. government.) is dead wrong. Yes, there were a few spies (Who were easiy caught.), some with sympathies, & a few with Japanese industrial investments who should have been watched, but "internment"? No. that was wrong.

      By the way. There was no internment program in Hawaii. Then as now, about one out of three Hawaians were of Japanese descent. If the all benevolent Roosevelt administration tried that there, the Islands' economy would have tanked in less than a week.

      ".....flagrantly disregarded Constitutional limits on what the Federal government can and should do."

      Are you referring to "That d----d piece of paper"? What are you? Some kind of subversive or something? Or worse ..... an idealist?

  3. Yeah, I am. I also think that Christian churches should hew to the Bible. I know...crazy. right?

    (Also, playing Monopoly with the "Free Parking pot" is to be eschewed.)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You mean that old book meant for an obsolete, male dominated, agrarian society? I'll bet you're into some kind of absolute morality deal. Next thing you'll be telling me is that reality has some kind of basis in ..... uh ..... reality.

  4. Yes. Yes I am. (Check the blog tonight.)