Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Interesting Search Words #25

Interesting Search Words #25

"Waow! Ah kin see alla way ta Elkmawnt Alabania! ... IN STEREO!"

Was searchin' the searchin' search words in the blogs' search words data & found these wot searchin' searchers searched with to get here.

1. chuck norris evangelion hamtaro - What the ... That sounds like one interesting anime series!

2. haruhi kyons mole - Actually it's Mikurus'.

3. fujiwara haruhi - No, it's Suzumiya Haruhi.

4. evangelion crying shinji - Yeah? ... So what else is new.

Penny Dreadful & the Unknown Whiner. Uh ... dude? She
happens to be your mom ... Sorta.

5. whats with andy hentai - He's a perv, that's what.

6. anime pictures for bunnies - Isn't that "anime pictures OF bunnies"?

7. anime + playboy bunny - I'm sure this is what 6 meant.

Kay, leader of the Saunders University High School
tank force in the Girls und Panzer anime.

Would like to mention I've just been recently turned on to the Girls und Panzer anime. The intricate detail of the vehicles is unbelievable & the tank battles are really fun to watch. If you can get around the fact the AFVs are operated by a buncha' schoolgirl tropes, no one getting killed/injured, & the fantastic speeds of the WW2 era machines, you'll find it enjoyable. Have every intention of getting this one on disc when it invades our shores. Sentai (Aka "Not ADVision".) will be marketing it here.

8. haruji kyon kiss - Yeah. They gotz the smoochies 'n huggies ...

"What are you ... some kinda' idiot? I oughta' ... MRRPH!"

"Kiss me again you fool! NOW, DARN IT!"

9. kasuga ayumu fan - Is this about Osaka fans or "Osaka & the fan"?

"A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ah!"
She's easily amused.

10. shinji ikari fish eye - Doesn't worry me any where near as much as the thought of Rei giving it to me.

She later finds out tanging is MUCH easier.

Sorry this took so long in coming. As you can see from some previous articles, the darn politicians had me a little busy. Seez ya later!

OFFICIAL Girls und Panzer trailer here. Yeah ... Cute, bubbly barf. However ...

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  1. Re: #6 Maybe Playboy Club hostesses like anime, too. D'ja ever think of THAT??!?

    1. Playboy Club hostesses/bunnies ARE anime. NO real women look like that!