Monday, May 30, 2016

I Don't Read Comic Books Anymore

It's gotta' be evil if the Red Skull says it!
Tolerance, by the way, is how far you can
stress or bend a part before it breaks.

I Don't Read Comic Books Anymore

Or, for that matter, watch cartoons much ... Unless it's anime.

In the space of a week I find they're trying to make Captain America a queer and now this crap:

Remember kiddies ... a REAL American wouldn't say things like this. A real American
wants any and all featherless bipeds capable of pulling a lever in a voting booth to
come here and partake of as much free goodies and political power they can get here
in the great Wal-Mart to the north.

It reminds me of the All In the Family TV show. Every so often Archie says something that makes perfect sense among all the scripted negative propaganda he spouts, but ... since it's Archie saying it ... IT'S GOTTA' BE WRONG!

A better show at the time was Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home. A two season adult oriented cartoon by the Hanna/Barbera team. About "middle of the road" Harry Boyles' (Tom Bosley) trials and tribulations of then present day America.

True, the right was really put down in that show what with crazy neighbor Ralphs' (Jack Burns) racist/anti-semite vigilante group and Harrys' youngest as a grasping little capitalist.

The show also showed what a couple of boorish little hypocrites his left leaning teenage son and daughter were.

The show was "balanced". I liked that.

This present situation kind of reminds me when AC/DC ... er ... DC Comics had Batman running around promoting gun control. More than likely because it would have looked really lame with Superman doing it.

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