Friday, June 3, 2016

Election 2016: The ONLY Real Issue ... Focus ... Focus ... FOCUS!

Election 2016: The ONLY Real Issue ... Focus ... Focus ... FOCUS!
There is only one issue and one issue ONLY for voting in this presidential election. It is also THE reason why I'm voting for Donald Trump. You can talk about a lot of issues, immigration, trade, foreign policy, Islam, gun control etc. but they all hinge on this one issue: The future of this country is going to be determined by the next presidents' nomination/appointment of future justices of the Supreme Court. This will extend WAY beyond the four to eight years the next president will be occupying the executive office. One can only imagine the malignant creatures a Clinton presidency will attempt to install (And a conservative or even not so conservative congress will be pressured to rubber stamp.) and the rulings (And the encompassing results.) they would give on cases . The freaks, fringies, fools and ETs supporting this will have a ball turning the country into the red-weed otherworldly landscape they desire. Donald Trump has actually submitted a list of the people (Or type of people.) he would nominate for the Court. Clinton has no need to list anyone. One look at her stance on anything and everything as well as the goblin-like horror she is, should be more than enough to tell you. Again ... This goes beyond the four to eight years of an Obama continuation and will determine the future of this country ... FOREVER

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One EXCELLENT way to gauge what a politician stands for and what he thinks of you here. Gun owners take note! Where I got the above illustration, Ex-Army blog main page here.

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