Thursday, June 16, 2016

Antibody: A The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Fan Fiction Story

Antibody: A The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Fan Fiction Story


C V Ford


With a contemptuous snort, Haruhi stalked out of the club room demanding me to follow. Itsukes' look of concern prompted me to comply.

I swear, that kid can be so headstrong. She-


In the aeons of its' so far existence, the non-entity drifted dormant in the currents and eddys of the trans-dimensional sea. Chances it would ever be activated and come into use, if it were possible, less than zero. It would stay that way throughout eternity, it-

On a chance flow near a corporeal plane ...

Threats detected ...

Activation ...

Targets acquired ...

An opening "phased" into the reality, mechanism fixing upon the threat.

In less than an instant, self generating tendrils completely enveloping, the target was drawn through the temporary portal and into the gelatinous mass of the non-entity. Enzymatic action initiated, quarrys' structures and proteins instantly breaking down, reduced to simple compounds and elements.

Absorbed and consumed ... threat removed.

From its' position in trans-dimensional quasi-space, the non-entity moved on to the other threat/target very close by.



The hall ... empty.

She couldn't have dashed down the hall so quickly. I was but a half second behind her!

"Miss Suzumiya, we-"

Itsuke with Mikuru, bumped into me from behind.

"I don't get it ... She was here a moment ago and-"

"That smell-" Itsuke

"Like an electrical burn." Mikuru

The sound of a stifled gasp and a book hitting the floor had us turning back in to the clubroom.


We rushed up to her usual cornered chair, the aforementioned book on the floor at its' feet.


Also ... gone? Like Haruhi, there but a moment ago. She couldn't have gotten past us. She-

And that odor. That same burnt ozone smell accompanying Haruhis' sudden vanishment.

Though we knew it would do no good, we searched the whole old wing of the school on the off chance Yuki and Haruhi would be somewhere there ...

Here ...

We couldn't call the police. What could we tell them? Our friends vanished into thin air ... Even though we didn't see it happen. No, the disappearances would be noted and we would be prime suspects with the police eventually thinking we killed them or were insane.

Suspected murderers or insane, we would be locked up for sure either way.

With no one else in proximity to the incident, we decided on keeping quiet.

No doubt, this had to be something Haruhi triggered and we decided, with no real course of action to take, to wait it out.

We had no idea at the time, that the wait ..

Would be forever.

Storyline (only) copyright © 6-2-2016 C V Ford


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