Friday, June 24, 2016

Methodology of the Anti-Gun Media ... AGAIN

This creature is in the pay of the Saudi and Iran Sharia states.
What else would you expect?

Yeah, I know. I posted this 4chan article a couple times before. In light of the present liberal gun control wankfest, I feel it needs to be read ... AGAIN.

Methodology of the Anti-Gun Media

I am now exposing the methodology of the anti gun media Anonymous 12/22/12(Sat)21:12 No.13862261

Ok, /k/ommandos:

So here's what's going on right now in the US Media: ideological subversion. There is a pattern and a method at work here, and it's a pattern and method we need to educate yourselves about. It's no secret that the mass media (with the exception of Fox News, regardless of your feelings toward that network) is pushing for gun control. The majority of Americans are opposed to gun control, and the Left cannot stand this fact. We are the majority.

So what exactly is the mass media doing and how are they doing it? There's a simple answer to this question. The various news networks and publications are telling Americans what and how to think.

Here is the method they are utilizing:

1. Build an emotional shitstorm through sensationalism and bombarding us with constant reminders of the Sandy Hook Massacre, even though there is plenty of other news.

2. Present the Left's argument for gun control before the Left's politicians do. This gives the appearance of a grassroots movement.

3. Build a false narrative. For example: Evil child-killing assault weapons with glock clips, and shoulder things that go up are finding their way into the hands of murderers with ease, and are triggering gun crimes.

4. Demonize and ridicule the NRA, GOA, Republican Party, Libertarians, and anyone else who opposes gun control. Very Alinskyite.

5. Fake a consensus. Stock panels with antigunners and foreigners who don't understand America's heritage of freedom. If you want a good example of this, take a look at CNN's panel discussion a few nights ago. Three of the panelists had British accents. ( )

6. Present gun control as the only solution to the problem of violence.

7. Claim that gun control is "progress" and that the Constitution is outdated and requires revisions.

4chan 12-22-12

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  1. As usual the Dumb-O-Crats tend to forget their suppost to UPHOLD,PROTECT & DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA to further the goals of Big Brother and the Useless Nations who have yet to bring us WORLD PEACE becuase the Dove is hiding from the UN Vulture


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