Friday, May 17, 2013

The Capitalism/Socialism Non-Difference

Not meaning to detract from the seriousness of the following
article, but this is the only "socialist" I can stand to be around.

The Capitalism/Socialism Non-Difference


Jay Agan

For many years we have been fooled. Fooled with a lie still being used to manipulate us into being good little servers of the system. That lie is the so-called difference between capitalism & socialism.

Difference? I sure don't see it. I do see, not only similarity, but compatability. Several in fact. They are:

1. Both capitalism and socialism view the universe & explain everything in terms of economics and materialism. "Intangibles" such as family, friends, race, ethnic identity, nation, individuality, spirituality have no meaning unless they can be exploited somehow for economic gain or power.

2. Both deal with the individual as part of an artificial collective. With socialism it's "the brotherhood of man ", the community, society, "for the children" , whatever the "cause" they're for or whatever they're calling the hive mind this week.  With capitalism it's the corporation, the team, the board, the company, etc. Such terms are used by those for scoring talking points, pushing agendas & controlling individuals.

Collectives aren't living, breathing entities. They have no mind of their own & do not act volitionally.

3. Both put the rights of the artificial collective above that of the individual.

4. Both look upon the individual as part of a rescource pool. Something to be used then tossed away. The term "human rescources" is something of an indictment.

5. Both use the individual as a statistic, an economic unit. An entry in a ledger to be added, subtracted, multiplied, divided, fractionalized, decimalized, atomized, then ultimately isolated & tossed away.

6. To either, a living, breathing human being is only an object, a thing. Having no value except to that of the artificial collective. To be used in a manner suitable to furthering that collective. To be discarded when no longer useful.

I do make a distinction between capitalism & free enterprise. Free enterprise involves the TRADITIONAL employer/employee relationship. This is where the employee trades his time, skill, experience etc. for whatever pay/benefits agreed upon. The employer can only demand a good job done & NOTHING MORE.

In the traditional employer/employee relationship neither demands anything beyond that. If the employer does go over that line it's capitalism. If the employee, it's socialism.

Capitalism? Socialism? I care for neither. From my perspective I have found capitalism to be more of a menace to me than socialism. I have lived in a capitalist country all my life and have have been treated shabbily by such a system. I do not doubt for one moment that socialism is no less a danger. It's that I have been on the sharp end of a capitalist system and draw my experience from that. After all, no socialist has ever:

1. Lied to me about my wages then shorted me.

2. Layed me off then say I was fired or quit when I tried to collect unemployment benefits.

3. Tried to monopolize my time. (Mandatory overtime, etc.)

4. Spied on me at work, written me up for political incorrectness, thus denying me advancement or having me fired.

5. Demand submission to drug testing, flu shots, no smoking pledges and other forms of privacy invasion as a condition for employment.

6. Report me to government agencies (INS,etc. I was born here damnit!) as to my place of employment.

7. Tried to coerce me into doing something illegal that could put me in danger of arrest.

8. Lie about benefits.

9. Lie about a crippling injury occuring at work thus denying the validity of claim.

10. Tried to coerce me to work in unsafe working conditions.

These were done to me by capitalists. Socialists I do not like, or ever shall, but I'm under no illusions as to the "sanctity" of capitalism, or the oft proclaimed benevolence/benefits thereof. Anyone who does me an injury is my enemy, left or right.

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  1. Jay, your beef is with unregenerate society. The parable of the talents shows Jesus to be at least tolerant of the system. However, it cannot work equitably outside of a moral framework, and therein lies the problem. J.C. Penney used to be "The Golden Rule Store". They consciously strove to do unto others as they would be done unto! Find any big company trying to do that now!

    This brings me to an Issue. What have I done, what have you done to change this? What have believers in general done to disciple the CEOs, the traders, the company presidents, for whom Christ died? We are as responsible for the mess of Wall Street and Walmart if we who claim to have The Answer are chintzy with its delivery.
    The gospel has in it the answers for the greed and inequity that are the plague of the financial markets. We must publish those answers.