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Gabrielle Giffords: Professional Martyr, Predatory Victim

Misguided tool or the face of evil? You decide. I have.

Gabrielle Giffords: Professional Martyr, Predatory Victim

In the letters section of the 4-19-13 edition of the New York Times, there were ten letters in regard to the recent vote-down in the U.S. Senate on expanded background checks on prospective gun buyers. Only two of the ten could be considered pro-gun. Instead of five for, five against, it seems they wanted to give the impression of overwhelming support of new gun laws. A perfect example of media creating "consensus" in favor of editorial policy.

In one of the two pro-gun letters, a Mr. Laurence Frank summed up neatly as to what the so-called "gun lobby" really is:

"The gun control movement completely fails to understand that the "gun lobby" is not the despised National Rifle Association. It is the nearly 100 million Americans who are unwilling to be disarmed by frightened people who are for the most part wholly ignorant about firearms."

There are things I would like to add to the above statement but before I do, I issue this disclaimer:

I do not know Mr. Frank or of any opinions he might have further on this subject. The remainder of this article are my thoughts & opinions only.

Had I written such a letter, I would also have mentioned three other groups seeking the goal of unilateral personal disarmament. In fact, the very ones manipulating & using the above mentioned herd for their own gain &/or their misguided vision of the future. They are:

1. Media creatures - Those declaring/creating concensus where there really is none in order to further ratings & market share. Forget their stats & polls. My own obsevation/personal experience have shown they are bogus. Besides, a free man is a majority of ONE & not swayed by the emotional non-will of the mob.

2. Politicians - Both the "crusaders" & self serving. Their goal is in making people more dependent on them & expand government power.

By the way ... Where was government power during Newtown/Sandy Hook? Oh yes ... Doing its primary job of issuing traffic tickets between stops at the doughnut shop. To be fair, the police can't be everywhere at once. Like most cuckholds, they're really only good for "cleaning up" afterwards.

3. Professional victims - In the '80s & '90s we had the spectacle of James Brady being paraded about as the poster child for heaven on earth (Where the sun always shines & the lolipops dance.). Todays' advocate for "nirvana now" is none other than Gabrielle Giffords. She is the one we're instructed to gaze upon in awe & automatically concede the arguement. She has been touched by the gods & morally annointed from above. Woe to he who doesn't roll over, for IF he doesn't, then one can be then branded as an INSENSITIVE HEARTLESS BASTARD.

Well ... I have news for Ms. Giffords & her handlers:

I ... don't ... care. Why?

Because ... I have been ... & always will be ... an INSENSITIVE HEARTLESS BASTARD!

I am disgusted & repelled by the "irrefutable" example of the martyr as justification for me having to give up what is mine. I am revulsed by the imagined sanctity of those making a claim on me through their "sainthood".

A. Ms. Giffords' wounds are NOT some badge of authority cancelling out my standing in the arguement.

B. Her "martyrdom" & victimhood are NOT shields against my questioning her dubious motives.

C. Her past suffering is NOT a legitimate excuse for moving on MY rights, liberty & property.

She is not a hero.

She is, at best, only a victim.

She has now, willingly, made herself an adversary.

For the moment, I'm giving the greiving relatives of Sandy Hook a pass. As it is now, they are in too much of a state as to resist the attentions of those who would manipulate them. If, down the road, some of them are still allowing for it then I'll have to lump them with Giffords.

Ayn Rand called it "Tyranny of the victim". Those making a claim on you because of their victimhood.


Just sayin' ...

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