Friday, May 3, 2013

Interesting Search Words #27

Interesting Search Words #27

Been quite a while since I did this "column". Seems the viewership has fallen quite a bit thus resulting in fewer folks coming up with searches leading them here. Managed to scrape up a few & so ...

Note: Some illustrations are larger than they appear.

1. GUP miho nishizumi dies - No ... SHE WINS!

Ooarai Academy armored warfare team(s). Miho holding the victory flag. L-R by
team: Morals Committee (Char B), History Club (Sturmgeschutz III), Vollyball
team (Type 89), Anglerfish team (Pz IV), Student Council (Hetzer), Underclassmen
team (M3 Lee), Automechanics Club (Porsche Tiger), Nerdy Girls (Type 4).

2. crying shinji in a chair - Man up Shinji!

Lets see ... My dad's a jerk, got three good lookin' babes in my life who look
down on me, nobody likes me ... and then their's that thing about the world coming
to an end. Man! This just sucks!

3. goddess haruhi suzumiya - That's redundant.

You DO know where to go Sunday, don't you?

4. suzumiya mafia - Now don't go giving her ideas. By the way ... shouldn't that be Suzumiya Yakusa?

5. kill chiyo - Now why would you want that to happen to everyones' favorite little genius? Come to think of it ... I've done that to her in two of my fan fics!

6. frankenstein smoking weed - Have a blunt! It's my only weakness ...

"Smoke! ... Good! ... Goooooood!"
Actually, it's a cigar.

7. does mercury have moons - No ... She has friends.

Wonderful character design but such a horrid little show. If something like this
could be done for Puella Magi Madoka Magica ...

That's it for now. Hopefully viewership will pick back up & I'll have quite a few more next time. Sees ya!

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