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Gun Control: It's Not THE CHILDREN, It's THE AGENDA

Gun Control: It's Not THE CHILDREN, It's THE AGENDA

The media/poodle press does what it can to get as much milage out of a mantra as possible. In this case it's one known as THE CHILDREN(!). Especially when it comes to gun control. Lets first examine how it's used.

1. An incantation, spell, buzz/magic word for:
     A. Manipulating the emotions & channeling the actions of survivors/victims of gun violence (& parents if any.).
     B. Manipulating the emotions & channeling the actions of the low/no info masses.
     C. An easy short circuit of logic/reason in avoidance of the real issue of freedom vs false security.
     D. A verbal bludgeon in neutralizing those opposed to gun control (Or for that matter, overt regulation/censorship of movies, games, internet, reading materials, etc.).
            I. Portray opposition as hostile to children.
           II. Make opposition apologize, back peddle, cede the arguement, etc.

THE CHILDREN has nothing at all to do with children & everything to do with manipulation. It is only another term used in pigeonholing the individual into conformity. Can be associated with other collectivist terms such as: THE COMMUNITY, SOCIETY, THE GREATER GOOD, etc.

The several kinds of people using this term are:

1. Members of the low/no info masses.

2. Actual survivors/victims & some of their parents/relatives.

3. Media personalities. Who don't give a damn about children except as bodies to dance on in the exploitation of the emotions of the first two groupings. This done to further image & increase ratings/market share. As the song goes, "It's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry".

4.Politicians, "crusaders", & other would be guardians/shapers of ones' soul. Now they actually DO care about the children. So much so they're willing to see more children die in order to further their agenda.

Which brings me to what THE CHILDREN  actually is: THE AGENDA.

Just what is ... THE AGENDA?

Its' goal : To make the individual powerless in the face of evil thus making the individual dependent on government for protection as well as for everything else.

Its' means: To curtail & eventually disposess the individual of tools, skills, & knowledge that enhance self reliance.

So ... When some celebrity/whore, politician or "man on the street" blathers away on the media about THE CHILDREN, don't fall for the krap. When one of the low/no info masses is trying to score "talking points" on you with THE CHILDREN, the closest you should come to backpedaling is to say: "Yes, I do care about children but ... " then explain what THE CHILDREN is about. More than likely you'll be up against a meat puppet trying to reaffirm what his masters have already made up his mind for. You'll know it when he resorts to repetition/chanting of his media mantras.

It goes without saying that if you know what a jerk said meat puppet is, it's best not to waste your time with him. A game you win by not playing. Besides, on the off chance you do "convert" him, he'll then be a liability for our side instead of theirs. Forget him ...

As an aside, a few days back, a CNN flack declared rhetorically in regard to opposition in Congress "... I don't see how these senators can look into the eyes of a child or a greiving parent & take the position they do." To which I could reply, "I don't see how these media whores & politicians can look into the eyes of a child or greiving parent & manipulate/use them the way they do. I can't sink that low."

If this rambling article makes me look like one heartless son of a bitch, so be it.

Just sayin' ...

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