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Twice the Child of Hell: A Hell Girl/Azumanga Daioh Crossover Fanfic

... Miss Ai looked out over the twilit scarlet expanse ...

Twice the Child of Hell

A Hell Girl/Azumanga Daioh Crossover Fanfic


C V Ford

From the porch steps, Miss Ai looked out over the twilit scarlet expanse, lightly heaving an aprehensive sigh. It had been almost a week with nary a request/assignment. Almost unheard of considering the broken world & humankinds' thirst for vengeance.

A "miracle" ... almost. Miracles weren't allowed here.

As much as she & the others welcomed this unexpected rest, the knowledge of a sooner or later abrupt ending put a damper on enjoyment. The tension of "waiting for it" increased on every uneventful days' passing.

"The stress is obviously affecting the Miss," remarked Ren as he joined Honne Onna under the tree across the cart trail. "The longer this spell lasts, the more trouble it seems."

"Speaking of which," the Bone Woman replied. "Here comes trouble ..."

"Cliche ... but apt," as the relic spirit glanced down the trail.

Coming up the tree shrouded path, Yamawaro with Kikuri ... carrying something.

"Oh ... wonderful." It wasn't she disliked cats. The geisha actually loved them. But as it was with Kikuri ...

"So where have you young ones been?" Called Wanyudo from the far end of the porch.

"The princess decided to go THERE. I couldn't let her go by herself ..."

"If she jumped off a cliff," Hone Onna muttered, "would you ... never mind."

Ren grinned, "that's two cliches."

Ai cocked her head slightly, pointing at the gray furred bundle in Kikuris' arms.

"It followed us home!" The little imp enthused. "Can we keep it?"

"And ... three!" Ren declared.

"We were going down a side street when we saw this really tall girl petting it. As we passed, it spun around & bit her then ran off. Kikuri ran after & caught it. I think some blood was drawn."

"By the cat or the kid?" Asked the geisha.

Ren suppressed a laugh while Wanyudo smiled from the porch.

Was it ... SMILING at her?

Ai was about to answer Kikuri in the negative when the cat deftly leaped from the little girls' arms to where the Hell Girl now sat on the porch steps. The creature peered up into her eyes & scrutinized. Was it ... SMILING at her?

She reached over & proceeded to stroke the animals' soft fur. It started rubbing up against her leg, purring loudly.

"Be careful Miss Ai," Yamawaro warned. "He's a biter."

They all watched for half a minute as Ai gave the cat the attention it sought.

"Usually any creature wandering here doesn't stay very long," Ren thought aloud. "I wonder ..."

The cat brusquely turned its attention from Ai, walking to the front door & peered in.

"Kitteee hee, hee, hee!" Kikuri ran past Ai after the cat. On its' part, the animal lowered into a playful crouch as if to spring & did ... Into the little girls' arms. She hugged the creature close.

"They seem made for each other," stated Wanyudo.

"Too much so," observed Hone-Onna. "This may not bode well."

Ren looked over at the Bone Woman. "How can you-"

An all too familiar phrase sounded from within the interior of the cottage.

"Ai ... You have a message."

In resignation, Ai answered. "Thank you grandmother."

The geisha answered Ren. "See?"

Storyline (only) copyright © 4-3-13 C V Ford

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