Friday, October 29, 2010

Anime Series I Don't Have Anymore & Why

                                Anime Series I Don't Have Anymore & Why: Mini Reviews
                                                                             Jay Agan

  1. Hellsing- I liked the Anglican vs Catholic angle but it couldn't carry what was a rather disjointed series. Seems they wanted to cram as many story arcs as they could to satisfy as many fans of the manga as possible. The best one was Vicky Seras getting used to her new life or rather death (Should have kept the first disc.). After that it's just lame. Heard the OVA to be better.

   "What a beutiful night to go out for a bite to drink!"

  2.  Irresponsible Captain Tylor- What a .......goofball! A slacker with a way past irritating manner/outlook joins the military for what he figures to be an easy way through life. Instead of reality slapping him down, he dumps on reality. I know, it's supposed to be a comedy, but this character really set my teeth on edge. Beetle Bailey is a paragon of reserve & industriousness compared to this guy. I gave this one to someone who is sorta/kinda like this character. He even skipped basic training! A story in & of itself.

   "Pecko! Pecko!"

  3. Gunslinger Girl- What started to look like an interesting series soon falls into repetition with similar characters with different firearms doing pretty much the same story arc over & over: Traumatized lolitas with personal issues are cybernetically altered as enforcer/asassins & paired with older male counterparts (What's up with that?). Upbeat/downbeat ending of the series doesn't help.

   Bang! Bang! You're bored.

  4. Planetes- Several story arcs involving a group of specialists who clear orbiting space junk to make travel safer. A more realistic space series that I liked but not loved. Would have kept it if it hadn't taken a tacked on, hokey, philisophical stance the last three episodes.

   "Everything's connected!" Yeah. I guess so (yawn).

  5. Trigun- Oh geez! Capt. Tyler with guns.

   Vash the Stampede has a sixty billion double dollar reward out on him as he's reputed to leave untold high levels of death & destruction in his wake. I think it's because he's a whackjob so irritating, hardly anyone can stand to be around him. This character, to me is a downer & a half. It's pretty bad if the main reason to watch a series is to spot the random cat. I couldn't finish this & gave it to the same guy who got the Tyler series.

    "LOVE!.....AND!.....PEACE!" Oh go away, could you? Fast? Please?

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