Monday, November 1, 2010

"Reviewing" Movies Not Seen

                                                       "Reviewing" Movies Not Seen


                                                                                  Jay Agan

      It's easy. Especially from a negative stand point. After all, you know what you don't like better than what you do. If a film is about something(s) you don't care for, then you know right off the bat the flick stinks.
      For instance. To me, all musicals are crud. How do I know this, especially in light of the fact I've never seen the vast majority of them? Easy. Nothing ticks me off more than when a story comes to a slamming stop & the "actors" go into a 10+ minute song & dance. So what if the music, coreography, etc. are great? The story's been put abruptly on hold & I have to wait for the grand mal to pass. Get on with the movie for cryin out loud! I swear. If they subtracted the howling & hoofing, most musicals   would be less than half an hour. I exaggerate, but it sure feels that way. I avoid musicals like AIDS & ebola.
      Any film, of a subject matter &/or "message" I don't care for, is one I probably won't like & will not bother to look at. This way, I know a flick is garbage from the start & won't waste my time. I guess that makes me closed minded & lazy. Life is too short for "broadening my horizons".  Too many "good" films are out there to see without drek getting in the way.
     Take Avatar, for instance. I've not seen it, have no intention doing so. I know it's one I won't care for. How so?

     1. Reading the reviews (pro & con, mostly pro) gave warning as to what a pretentious pile of PC it is.

     2. It's been done before. I've seen Return of the Jedi. Dances With Wolves is in my collection, the Ewoks win again (yawn). "Revisionist westerns" aren't my thing.

     3. The previews make it out to be another cgi lightshow (cue the oohs & aahs).

     4. I'm really getting tired of that blue goon smugly leering at me from the dvd shelves at the stores.
     One does not have to see a film in order to make an informed descision. Getting enough info from the warning signs, one does not have to drive into the river to know the bridge is out.

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