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In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Seven of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story

Shiina crouched in the darkness just inside the forests' edge ...

In Gods' Good Time


C V Ford

Chapter 7: Night Run!

Shiina crouched in the darkness just inside the forests' edge. She didn't mind Yuris' command to watch over the foreigners' apartment. Though she wanted in on the nights' operation, she had a personal stake in surveiling the residential building and the gaijin within. The American could be clever and matching wits might be a challenge.

The apartment was third floor (top), southeast corner, overlooking the campus. An excellent observation point, almost as good as the principals' former office.

She tensed as the sound of gunfire southeast towards the cafeteria area started up. Angel was on the move and fellow members of the tri-S doing what they could to impede her in their grabbing the meal tickets.

The ninja girl wanted badly to be with them but knew of the importance of her own task. They had no idea whose side the outsider was on thus needed watching while the op commenced. If he interfered ... she knew what to do.

As she was the only one scoping out the building (Yuri attending the op in her stead.), she couldn't cover all sides at once. She chose to keep primarily to the east side alternating up and down covering front and back. Shiina knew there was a chance he could get out unseen ...


And unknowingly, Jack did just that, slipping out a side door on the buildings' WEST side being just missed by Shiina as she slipped back to the east. Bandolier clipped on, rifle in hand, the man clinging to the shadows of the structure, proceeded to the southeast corner.

The space between the building and forest on the far side of the paved paths' entrance was wide. He'd have to chance it and did.


Shiina , at the northeast corner looked down the buildings' length, just catching a glimpse of a stealthy figure dashing across and diving into the trees. The race was on!


"WHY ... the ... hell ... am ... I ... DOING ... this!?"

The thought ran through Jacks' head as he scuttled through trees and brush, running to the sound of the guns. The intelligent thing was to stay on the floor at "home" waiting it out. Yet, here he was, dashing about the foliage towards the battle. Did the new found youth also entail an accompanying lack of intelligence or immaturity? Young, dumb, and full of ... He only knew he had to be there, if anything, see what it was about.

Keeping in the tree line, he skirted past the maintenance buildings. Turning the corner of the pool building he headed south toward Class B and the second entrance bridge beyond which the sound of firing was coming from. The cafeteria ...


Shiina couldn't believe the speed the foreigner put on ...

That old guy is fast! Shiina couldn't believe the speed the foreigner put on. This was not going to be short work. Yuri was right ... the crazy American WAS armed! With the biggest looking rifle she'd ever seen. Like something out of what the others called ... movies. Nothing like the "plastic" the Battlefront carried.


He skidded to a stop at the edge of the trees looking out on the road a few feet away leading from the second entrance bridge. The firing had stopped and now the sound of many running feet approaching.

In a crouch, Jack tensed, readying himself but not poised to fire. He had no idea who was coming and wasn't sure if friend or foe. It was only a look-see anyway.


A few feet away with blades drawn, Shiina poised, ready to spring. She noted him only holding the rifle at the ready but not in a firing posture. As if only wanting to observe. If he did take aim, she was confident he would be dead meat.


Duffy, surprised yet not surprised at what appeared. As semi-expected, it was some of the group that he had been in mutual observance of the last couple days. Some carrying bags of ... confetti?

Halberd wielder, sword guy, big guy this time with what looked to be an MG42, the "ticky" blindfolded fellow with a pistol. Several others carrying a variety of firearms including an RPK and other military weapons. Certainly explained the full-auto fire. A new one appeared ...

"Gotta' be the 'Dragon Lady'," he thought.

The young woman, bringing up the rear, seeing no one left behind ...

The young woman, bringing up the rear, seeing no one left behind, wearing a white beret and wielding an aluminum/stainless Beretta 92.

He watched as they disappeared around the far corner of Class B, waiting a few seconds before leaving concealment for a look down the way they had come. Curious as to what they were running from.

Rifle at the ready, he peered down the paved roadway over the bridge, making out a white, silvery 'emminence' approaching. The emminence slowly materialized  into a petit apparition.

An apparition with quite deadly looking blades out the sleeves of her khaki blazer.

An apparition with quite deadly looking blades out the sleeves of her khaki blazer.

For Jack Duffy, everything had gone from Twilight Zone to simply bad science fiction.

"Next thing ya' know, she'll be deflecting bullets with those knives," he mused.

As the diminutive "specter" came near, Jack pushed in the safety and slowly set the Garand on the ground. Sidling away from the rifle, he held out his hands in a firm but peaceful gesture. He still had the .45 after all.

The blades slowly drew into the sleeves, 'force field' still on. Smart girl.

"Uh ... Ms. Tachibana?"

The white haired visage blinked once.

"Kanade? ... Are we ... still ... 'friends'?"

She gave a slow nod.

"Heard shooting ... came running. Wanna' tell me what it's about?"

"Some of the students," she paused, "are not ... cooperative."

With that, she slowly backed away a safe distance, turned, walking back the way she came.

"Same answer from before," he thought then asked aloud to no one in particular: "Just WHAT have I been sucked into?"

Some scraps of paper flitting in the breeze caught his eye. Picking a couple up, he examined.

"Meal tickets ... From the cafeteria ... What gives?"

Cradling the rifle, Duffy went back the way HE came, missing Shiina by a few feet. In semi-disbelief, she saw the whole thing. Yuri was definitely going to be MOST interested.


"He was actually talking to her?" Oyama stared amazed.

"Oh, yeah!" The leader exclaimed. "Noda and I hung back behind the corner of B, saw everything."

"Too bad we weren't close enough to hear," said Noda.

"Couldn't have been much as long as it took," Yuri continued. "Not like they were friends. More like an uneasy truce."

"Would be a help if we knew for sure," said Hinata.

"I'd say they're together!" Noda declared. "They didn't fight so they must be working with each other."

"May be ... ," Yuri speculated, "but maybe not ..."

"Maybe not."

All eyes went to Shiinas' usual corner of the room ...

A hush fell over the room. Someone had spoken but who? All eyes went to Shiinas' usual corner of the room and ... as no one had ever usually seen her leave or enter, everyone was surprised/not surprised seeing her there.

"I wasn't more than twenty feet away, saw and heard everything."

"What DID they say?" Inquired the leader.

"He acted real surprised, like he didn't expect her at all. Asked if they were still uh ... 'friends' but as if uncertain as to where they stood with each other. Angel was her usual impassive self."

Everyone in the room felt the import of what the ninja girl said. She was a young lady of very few words. In saying anything it had to be worthy of note.

"Said he heard shooting and came to look. Wanted to know what was going on."

"She SAY anything?"

"Only about us being ... um ... uncooperative."

A laugh or two emerged from the group but stopped as Shiina frowned.

"That's when you saw her leave."

"I say we GET him! They gotta' be both in on it somehow ..."

"I say we GET him!" Noda declared. "They gotta' be both in on it somehow."

The murmur running through the room was quelled when Yuri asked, "anything else Shiina?"

"I was going to attack if he was about to shoot anyone, but all he did was watch you go by." She focused on Yuri and Noda. "He seemed just as surprised to see you as you were of him. He was in an excellent position to cause you all grief but didn't."

"O ... Kay," Yuri started. "We've got an unknown quantity here. Someone who may or may not be an enemy. A foreigner ... with his own weapons and who knows what else ... Actions could be thought of as suspicious ..."

"Really no more suspicious than any of us when we arrived." All eyes on Takamatsu. "It's easy to imagine what he must be thinking."

"A foreigner?" Noda. "Come on!"

"Who knows WHAT they think," Fujimaki put in.

 "Anti Christ! Superstar!" TK

"He may not be hostile," said Matsushita. "He DID try to talk to US first."

"Then he got ahold of Angel," Noda interrupted.

"Only because we were ordered-," the big guy nodded to Yuri, "-not to say anything ... and I pointed Angel out to him."

"You seemed a might impressed."

"No adult talked to me like I was one. You could say I was impressed."

"The fact of the matter is," said Hinata, "he TRIED to communicate first. Twice in fact. He did say he wanted to talk to you, Yuri."

"Not only did we shun him," Takamatsu interjected, "but we put the word out for everyone else to do the same. He knows someone, US, are watching him ... and now knows we're armed. If he isn't on anyones' side he soon will be ... Angels'. And the fault would be ours."

"Could be he already is," Fujimaki surmised.

"Explains how he got the gun." Noda.

"We've ... never known Angel to work with ANYONE," Oyama put in sitting next to the impatient Fujimaki, "and guns just aren't her thing."

"So," Yuri took on the air of conclusion. "We've got other things right now. We have to get most of the meal tickets to the Guild and pick up more ammo. We watch him one more day. If he tries to talk, be polite ... tell him ... we're about to get in touch with him. I'd like to- ... Fujimaki! ... Quit ranking on Oyama and pay attention!"

The swordsman stopped 'soft knuckling' Oyamas' head and removed his arm from around the unfortunates' neck.

"I'll have a talk with this Duffy-san the next 24 hours."

"I'll have a talk with this Duffy-san the next 24 hours."

To be continued ...

Storyline and original characters (only) copyright © 5-1-14 C V Ford


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