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In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Two of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story

Yuri quickly stepped back from the window,
The foreigner was looking straight at her!

In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Two of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story


C V Ford

Chapter 2: Into the Matrix

Passing out into the light, Jack noticed the girls exclamations of concern to one another.

"Well," he thought. "'Secret's out ... can't be helped. Couldn't stay holed up in the apartment for a week, could I?"

He sauntered over past the steps looking "southward" on the lower campus. Field houses, athletic field, ball park, soccer field, tennis courts ... It was a big place.

"If I'm stuck here there's a lot of reconnoitering to do. Gonna' take some time. Definitely more than a week and I've NO intention of being here THAT long. Next plane out for me."

He turned to Class B.

"Might as well see the dean ... er ... principal. He'll know what's going on. Get him to let me use the phone ... Or at least give me some numbers to call around here ... Nearest U.S. Consulate'd be good ..."

Walking towards B, he scanned the structure. Large parking lot, no vehicles ... Odd. Yet professionally dressed folks as well as students entering/leaving, most heading to A and what he assumed Class C across the bridge.

Glancing up and down he noticed something strange with one of the third story windows in the extended "west" wing. Someone watching him? Binoculars?


Yuri quickly stepped back. The foriegner was looking straight at her!

"Noda! Get away from the window!"

"Wha ...?"

"Get back! Get in the shadows!"

The young man complied.

"Did he see me?" She asked herself. "And could he ... No! Couldn't be HIM. Not ... GOD! Not even Asian let alone Japanese. Why would a European be here, an old one at that? Has to be at least 30 ... European ... Might be worse ... American? Oh ... God!"

"No ... not God," she said aloud.

"God?" Noda looked pale. "You don't think ...

"No! Definitely NOT Him!"

 "So ... who ... think he's coming up here?"

"Has to. At least half the arrivals go to admin first thing for answers."

 "Heading for this building all right!"

"He could read the directory, come up and ... Noda! Get ready!"

The young man dashed across the room. Snatching up the halberd, he proceeded to the door.

"Noda! Don't!"

The axman stumbled to a halt, confused look on his face.

"The trap's for HIM not you. I swear! If you didn't accompany me around half the time you'd be clobbered a lot more often! If-"

"Other than Angel, I haven't been hit by anything in over a month!"

"Let's keep it that way!"

"I can get him on the way up-" he started to suggest.

"No ... We let him come to us. When he tries to open the door the trap will do the rest. When he recovers, we question him."

Checking her waistband, she felt the comforting bulk of the Beretta 92 copy snugged in. Opening a desk drawer, she pulled out an identical spare and checked the chamber. She wasn't one to trust the indicator and wanted to be more than ready.


Jack checked the wall directory. Principles' office, third floor, all the way to the "west" end as the floor plan showed. The very room he thought he might have been observed from.

He approached the main counter, smaller cubicles behind, an attendant waiting.

Showing her his lanyard ID he spoke, "I'm new here and need to see the principal. Would you happen to know what his hours are?"

"He's usually here before nine AM and after five PM. His office is over there," she said pointing to the staff room door at the back of the admin area.

"Oh? Floor plan says it's on third floor."

"Used to be. He moved here for easier accessability for student body and faculty."

"What's the old office used for now?"

"Nothing really .... I think it may be for storage ..."

"I ... see ... "

The man glanced up at the ceiling.  "A place still listed as an office ... but not in use or storage ... someone with binocs ..."

"If there's anything else ..."

"Uh ... Not right now but maybe in a little bit. The principal in right now?"

"Oh yes," the attendant replied. "Saw him go in a half hour ago ... Shall I let him know you're here?"

Thinking a moment, Jack said, "something I have to do first."

A fast walk out the area he turned to the counter. "Be right back."

"I'll be here if you need me."

Being cautious, he took to the stairs. Elevator would be obvious. More than suspicion had set in. Kids "panic" on seeing him, someone watching from a distance (?) ... From a "misplaced" office at that ...

Not to mention he and his apartment transported in less than a few hours intact to ... where? Japan?

And the ... Fountain of Youth ... for lack of a better "term". No ... this was beyond irregular and the fantastic. It was ...

Walking down one side of the hall he made special note of doorways and recesses. Arriving at the office door, he gave it the once over. Nothing suspicious, typical heavy wooden door, the kind one would expect in an older building of this type. He stood to the side, about to knock and enter.


Yuri crouched behind the desk, two handing the Beretta. It then occurred to her to have gotten something heavier out of the closet. The trap should do it. Noda stood by with the halberd ready to spring.

Footsteps echoed from the hall getting nearer. Stopping ... paused for a seeming eternity ... then leaving.


The halberd wielder looked to Yuri, a puzzled frown on his face.

"CAREFULLY ... open the door but don't step out. Take a look."

He did so only to see the back of a figure turning the corner to the stairs. Noda let the door close and turned to Yuri.

"Only saw his back. He's heading down."

Yuri grabbed the radio.

"Yes! Yuri?"

"Spread the word. This guy's gotta' be watched ..."


Rounding the corner to the steps Jack spun around for a quick look-see back. The office door was just closing shut. Someone WAS there ... waiting.

"Could be nothing," he thought, "could be anything. Well ... later."

He proceeded down the stairs in total ignorance of how close he came to dying a second time.


"Hello again," smiling.

"Would you like to see the principal now?"

"In a little bit ... Uh ... could I ask a favor of you?"

"Oh of course."

"I was wondering if I could make a few calls."

"Why certainly," pointing to the phone on the counter.

"Thank you very much."

Picking up the reciever he asked, "do I need to dial 9 to get out or is it another number?"

"To ... uh ... get out?"

"Yes. I need to get an outside line. Also, do you have an area code directory (Preferably in ENGLISH!)? I ... need to get in touch with the nearest U.S. Consulate."

"Outside line? Area code ... what ... U.S.  ... Consulate?"

"Yes ..."

"I'm afraid I don't know what you mean sir. Outside ... line?"

"Yes. I would like to make a call or calls outside school grounds."

"This phone only connects inside the school-"

"Where IS a phone I could call out with?" It was starting to get like his discussion with Kaji. Vague with a capital vague. Before she could answer he decided on a new tack.

"Where's the main gate?"

The receptionist had an even more perplexed look. "Uh ... gate?"

"Yes ... GATE!" Jack brought himself up short, trying to compose himself. It would do no good to 'lose it'. "I would like to leave the school grounds, make a phone call ... Uh ... What's the name of the town the school is in?"

"There's no ... uh ... town, only the school."

"Is there a town or city nearby?"

"There is only ... the school ..."

"I think I'd like to see the principal now."

The more than puzzled receptionist led Duffy to the staff room where he was ushered in to what became an even more perplexing discussion.

To be continued ...

Storyline and original characters (only) copyright © 5-1-14 C V Ford


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