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In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Three of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story

Their shoulder patch was interesting ...

In Gods' Good Time: Chapter Three of an Angel Beats Fan Fiction Story


C V Ford

Chapter 3: Battlefront

The "talk" with the cordial but ALSO vague principal of Heavens' Academy proved just as informative. Not ... at ... all.

Jack sat excruciatingly patient through the speech regarding the values of the education of youth and preparation for the future, tedious though it was. His series of questions after only brought puzzled looks with halting, incomplete answers as with Kaji and the receptionist from before. The "bad dub" didn't help either.

And why was the principal sitting at a kids' school desk?

It was all he could do to conduct himself in a cordial manner and after his questions not answered, politely took his leave.

Heading "east" he crossed the Second Entrance Bridge.

"Wonder if the fishing's good."

As he walked, all faculty and most students went to and fro about their affairs taking little notice of him. A few did. Some rather abruptly, hurredly talking in hushed tones as they sped past or away. Further suspicions slowly being confirmed that all was not clear or friendly in this strange place.

Passing the cafeteria and library buildings to his left, infirmary right, he continued on until there was no pavement left. Only trees in front, Class C to the right. Off in the distance to his left, the dorms.

"There has to be an entrance to this place," he pondered, scanning the map. "To a main road ... something ..."

Turning back, he headed for the cafeteria building, a plan forming. First ... coffee.

Entering the expansive place he stopped at the food court. Breakfast was being served up but his only interest was in coffee and his forming plan.

"I'm not sure, but I'm hoping there might be something on this debit," he said as he ran it through the reader. "Is there any way you can tell me how much might be on it?"

A few buttons pressed, the cashier handed an extra slip with the receipt.

"Oh!" Exclaiming to himself. "An advance!"

The card balance looked more than extremely generous but as it was in yen, he'd have to do some calculating.

Taking his coffee, he placed himself at a far corner table wanting his back to the wall and ability to survey all the scene before him. He turned to the clipboard and started scrawling away.

He congratulated himself on the way he conducted things so far. He should have been in a panic and almost was more than once. Caught in an alien environment with more questions than answers, instead of running around in confusion, he was going about in as systematic and organized a way as he could on the spur of the moment. No real answers yet, leaving only observation.

Observe he did. And one observation stood out at that moment.

Diagonally, several tables over, about three tables of students were more than obvious in checking him out, twin tail blonde among them. Furtive glances on their part told him it to be a mix of curiosity, puzzlement ... and some more than palpable hostility. Quick remarks and questions passing about amid the triple takes and stares.

A significant detail stood out. The uniforms they wore were different from the majority of the student body at large.

The girls wore the long sleeved, blue skirted ensemble he noticed before with the trio in Class A. The men wore the same colors as the girls of the main body. Black pants instead of skirts of course, with the khaki jackets being darker and of a masculine cut.

Their shoulder patch was interesting. All he could make out at that distance was the runic three Ss.

"Das SSS?" He mused. "At least the girls colors are ... uh ... 'patriotic'. Visiting students from another school ... elitist clique?"

"Excuse me ..." A voice from his right brought him abruptly out of his observation.

Duffy cursed himself inwardly. "Caught off guard again Jack .... Wake up!"

Looking up, he couldn't help but make out the details of the young lady before him. She had to be almost as tall as he was. Very long , luxuriant black hair framing an oval face sporting a thin nose and ... grey eyes. If it weren't for the shape of the eyes and high cheekbones she would almost pass for caucasian. She also wore the uniform of the bunch he was observing/being observed by.

"Ye ... ss?"

"My friends and I were wondering," she nodded to a couple other similarly clad girls standing a few feet away. "Are you from America?"

He was about to counter with wether or not she was from Hokkaido when the biggest of the young men from the table gathering called out urgently.

"Sakaki! ... Girls! ... Over here!" Indicating for them to get there right away.

"So sorry to have bothered you," accompanied by a hasty, nervous bow and left for the group.

He had only read about the Ainu/Utari. Weren't many left. Other than photos he never thought he'd ever see one up close.

"Well ... this is Japan ... isn't it?" Considering the circumstances, there was no surety in that.

To be continued ...

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