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Why Highschool of the Dead Is Better Than The Walking Dead

I find this character much more intriguing than
that sullen creature on The Walking Dead.

Why Highschool of the Dead Is Better Than The Walking Dead

Off the Top of My Head ...

First, let's get this straight. NEITHER show is treading new ground. IT'S ALL BEEN DONE BEFORE. The recently dead rise, walk the earth and eat the living. DONE TO DEATH AND BEYOND. I really don't understand the popularity of such shows except that perhaps "zombies" are comparitively cheap to portray than other monsters and thus dough is saved in making this krap.

I only have THREE, yes, three such movies/shows in my collection. The original Night of the Living Dead from '68, Return of the Living Dead (Funny AND disturbing and I'm not talking Linnea Quigley!), and High School of the Dead. An ... Uh oh! ... ANIME!

I don't need any more. The rest is garbage ... Including The Walking Dead.

High School of the Dead, yes again, an anime, is the latest I have. You Tubed it before and picked it up on impulse as a used copy at Half Price Books. Certainly wasn't going to pay full price for it. It was the combo of the genres that got to me.

The fan service? Admittedly, that had a part. It's so exagerated and over the top that I'm still deciding wether to take THAT seriously or not. Is it meant to titillate or satorise? Probably both.

As for it being better than The Walking Dead, here goes ...

1. Brevity - HOTD is 12 half hour episodes. That's it. TWD is an hour each, into it's 5th season and never seems to end. Shoot! Tell your dang story and move on!

2. Character development - In HOTD you have just enough of it without getting into a Marvel Comics treatment/analysis. Also the "main" characters stick around and aren't killed off just after you've gotten attatched to them as in TWD.

3. Lack of "message" or agenda - HOTD being a product of a monoracial/monocultural society, reflects that. Unlike TWD, it doesn't have a "polite", PC/diversity driven, pro-feminist undertone in an effort to appeal to the masses of asses.

The problem with most mass media sci-fi/horror made here is that it's nothing more than stories about todays social issues "set in outer space" or whatever fantastical backdrop the show is trying to depict.

4. HOTD doesn't take itself seriously. - Or rather its fans don't. I've run into TWD "believers" who think "theirs" is GOSPEL.

Seriously. Folks who scoffed loud and long at me when I was into the survivalist movement back in the '80s are now giving me "tips" on staying alive ... Tips they got from TWD!

I comment that anyone going around eliminating opponents, undead or otherwise, with a sword or a Black 'n Decker, get what they deserve. If you're close enough to touch someone, they're close enought to touch YOU. If they're within arms length, you have failed to defend yourself. Shoot 'em!

"OH NO!" They chide. "The object is to survive. You must save your ammo."

The time to "save" your ammo is when you're out shopping at the hardware store, NOT when you're fighting for your life. THAT'S the time to "waste" ammo (It's not waste when you make every shot count however.).

"OOOOO! But you can't shoot them! The sound will attract more!"

Now were sorta' kinda' getting in to the realm of "Who would win in a fight? Superman or Mighty Mouse?" Superman of course. He's a real person!

Sigh ... Both HOTD and TWD are FANTASIES. Neither one should be taken seriously. Neither one should be considered a guide to tactical combat or crisis management. As much as we like our shows ... zombies are impossible.

That and anyone taking their tactical ques from movies/shows and utilizing them in an actual street situation are asking for a world of hurt.

5. Honesty - HOTD is a cartoon that doesn't present itself as anything else. TWD is a pretentious load a' bull trying to pass itself off as some kind of existential tour de force.

Being honest with myself, I'll go with the former.

Jus' sayin ...

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