Monday, July 6, 2015

The Dukes of Hazzard: What An Offensive Show!

A show about three straight WHITE kids "fightin' the system"
and ramming around in an environmentally unsound vehicle with
a "racist" symbol painted on it. Now THAT'S offensive!

The Dukes of Hazzard: What An Offensive Show!

I originally disliked this show (With the exception of Catherine Bach/Daisy Duke.) as I thought it denigrated the south and white people in general. I never thought it to be a symbol of ethnic pride and love of ancestry.

Now ...

I'm still not crazy about the show but TV Lands' cancellation of the show has put it in a different light for me.

When you think about it ... The show REALLY IS OFFENSIVE!


There's that AWFUL car those rednecks in the show ride around in.

It has a Confederate battle flag painted on its' roof ... RACISM!

It's named The General Lee ... MORE RACISM!. (Forget the fact that General Robert E. Lee was anti slavery and freed those working on the plantation as soon as he inherited them and the property.).

And if that's not enough, the horn plays the first twelve notes of ... get this ...
DIxie. That's right ... EVEN MORE RACISM!

It's a modified 1969 Dodge Charger ... ENVIRONMENTALLY UNSOUND!

It's painted orange ... Halloween colors scare kids. At least the liberals' kids.


The Bo and Luke Duke characters are straight, WHITE men who work for a living ... Thus racist, homophobic and just plain lowest of the low. I mean ... What else could they be?


Daisy Duke enjoys being a girl which no doubt gets the feminists' panties in a bunch.

No doubt some gay men get scared just by looking at her. Can't have that.


Their foiling and subversion of corrupt authority figures and their scams threaten the sensibilities of those who respect and revere the STATE.

Yes ... Truely an offensive show.

Just sayin' ...

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I Posted a Confederate Flag ... HATE ME! here.

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