Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Obama did NOT lie! It's NOT his Fault!

NOT TRUE! NOT TRUE! He's incapable of lying!

Obama did NOT lie! It's NOT his Fault!

Yes, he DID say if you liked your policy, plan and doctor you could stick with them. Yes, he DID say your costs wouldn't increase one thin dime. Yes, he DID say you had nothing to worry about. Yes, he DID say those things ... AND HE WASN'T LYING! In fact, he was quite sincere when he said them. He meant everything he said AND STILL DOES.

You see, the problem lies not with the president but with YOU. You, who are not into politics (Left or right.) have little understanding how the politicians' mind works: Just because a politician says something is thus and so doesn't mean it actually is. Their minds work differently and YOU must take that into consideration.

YOUr problem lies in the fact that YOU were taught that words have EXACT meaning and that everyone is bound by the rules of definition and grammar: Yes means yes, no means no, up means up, on is the opposite of off, etc.

With politicians it's different. When one enters into the rarified, lofty realm of knowing what's best for others as well as themselves, things change. Not only do the rules of grammar not apply, but those of reality as well. Physicists and others of the hard sciences have delved into this problem for centuries and have so far come up with no answers. The best that can be done is to accept the "fact" that in the nth dimension of politics (One step beyond the outer limits of the twilight zone.), reality does not apply.

So it should come as no mystery as to why Mr. Obama and others say what they say and do what they do. When one trods into that singularity of moral grayness known as politics/government one is bound to be a mite off center and that what comes out of their mouths may not be quite the same as what's going on in their addled little heads.

To have "broadly interpreted" what he said at face value and believed it, is just downright narrow minded and selfish on your part. To believe you're entitled to the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you allah, is to have unrealistic expectations ... Expectations leading only to disappointment and perhaps misery. And the only one to blame is, not Mr. Obama and others but YOUrself! All he did was say something. YOU didn't HAVE to believe it, did you? No one forced you to, did they?

So don't be too hard on the poor little dears. It's not their fault you take them and Mr. Obama at their word. It's not their fault you believe words have meaning and actions have consequences.

You have no one to blame but YOUrself. THE FAULT LIES WITH YOU!

In the words of Otter from the film Animal House: "You f----d up ... YOU TRUSTED US!"

So get off YOUr high horse of righteous indignation and get back to work. These things need to be paid for and acting butt hurt doesn't help matters any ...

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