Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Your Miranda Rights: Could This Be Set To Music?

Hola kiddo!

                                  Your Miranda Rights: Could This Be Set To Music?

      Was inspired by an article on the Aardvarks website. Wouldn't it be great if someone could do a Carmen Miranda on Miranda? I'd pay to see that!

Your "Miranda" rights. Set it to music!

Second verse. Sorta same as the first!

Something you may also find useful.

Ciao baby!

      So get to it guys! Boom chicky boom!

Carmen Miranda, The Lady In The Tutti Frutti Hat here.

A scene from the Looney Toons cartoon Slick Hare with Carmen Miranda here.

The whole cartoon here.

Not exactly Looney Toons (J C Staff, Azumanga Daioh) or Carmen Miranda (Gloria Estefan) but I thought it appropriate. here

Aardvarks' website here.

Go to Main Page here.


  1. HAH! We had that HSLDA "STOP" card. Thankfully we live in a VERY homeschool-friendly state, and the one time we were "hotlined" anonymously by a gutless wonder who saw children when he (she?) thought he shouldn't have in the yard, the truant officer came and introduced himself, checked the Dread Dormomoo's "papers", saw who our "home-school covering" was with, said "I know that group", and proceeded to have a lovely neighborly visit with her and the kinder in the back yard. (I had sold him a used camera for his son some months earlier).

  2. I for one think it's wonderful we have such public spirited "amateur spies" (From Orwells' 1984.) lurking about. It's good to know the general safety & well being of the public is assured by the dedicated participation of snitches for those who know better than we. Remember: THE STATE STARTS WITH YOU!